27 languages. 14 nationalities. One family.

We are building computers in Buffalo, New York, USA.

Together we can invigorate a new era in American manufacturing.

Getting it started.

In 2010, a catastrophic earthquake in Haiti claimed 300,000 lives and affected millions more. In response to the tragedy, the Bak family—J.P., Ulla, Christian, and Eva—traveled to the nation’s capital of Port-au-Prince to help rebuild a sustainable infrastructure. As relief efforts flourished, the Baks realized that true prosperity would depend on job creation.

Making it happen.

By 2013, the Baks had established Surtab S.A., a tablet manufacturing facility in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The initiative taught valuable skills to the community, created jobs, and produced affordable devices to otherwise underprivileged schools and businesses. Locally owned and operated, Surtab S.A. still stands as a symbol of strength and hope for the Haitian people today.

Bringing it home.

With the opportunity to recreate their business model anywhere in the United States, the Bak family chose Buffalo, New York. Founded on the credo of “Bringing jobs back to the USA,” the company employs a local workforce to build mobile computers for educational, not-for-profit, retail, and government organizations in Western New York and around the world.

Our vision.

Make mobile technologies accessible to every human being on earth.

Our mission.

Build accessible technology. Empower local communities. Activate social prosperity.

J.P. and Ulla Bak created Bak USA with a mission to provide affordable mobile technology to those who need it most.
“We created Bak USA to provide affordable technologies to those who need them most. From a student in South Africa to a first responder in the city of Buffalo and everywhere in between, our mobile computers are purpose-built to educate, assist, and inspire.”
– J.P. and Ulla Bak, Co-founders, Bak USA

Here’s who we are.

Bak USA (pronounced “Back USA”) is a social enterprise that builds mobile computers in Buffalo, New York. A grassroots organization with a global reach, we are partnering with local agencies and industry leaders to build computers, empower people, and change the world. Our dream is to make mobile technologies accessible to every human being on earth.