Purpose-built for K-12 classrooms.

New school computers for a new school of thought.

Pencils down. Embrace the digital revolution in your school with the Atlas 12, the 2-in-1 laptop for 21st century education.

Purpose-built for

Empower students and teachers with the Atlas 12, the 2-in-1 laptop built for K-12 classrooms. Stay strong, support student-centered learning, and digitize content with a durable, mobile, and configurable device.

Powered by Microsoft
with Intel Inside®.

Enhance the best educational tools with a purpose-built device. Power up Windows 10, Microsoft Classroom, OneNote, Sway, and Skype with 2-in-1 flexibility, rotatable camera, hard-tipped stylus, and more.

World-class customer

Customize every Atlas 12 with your favorite classroom apps and school-specific logos. Simplify deployment with free asset-tagging, bulk delivery, and the option to receive computers in preconfigured carts.

Be strong.

Equip your classrooms with computers that last. With shock-resistant foam insulation, two interior layers of double-injected hard plastic protection, and a round rubber bumper, the Atlas 12 is tough enough for any classroom.

Get creative.

Flip and fold the Atlas 12 to engage all 360 degrees of usability. It’s a laptop. It’s a tablet. It’s the best of both worlds. Let students touch, type, and talk all on the same device. Need to differentiate instruction? Kids can read, write, and observe from any angle they like.


See more.

Turn the Atlas 12 into a mobile laboratory and look at life from all new perspectives. With a 180-degree rotatable camera, built-in handle, and detachable microscope, students can capture photos, explore mobile learning, and examine the world in more fun and exciting ways.

Write on.

Touching and typing are nice and all, but why stop there? With the attached hard-tipped stylus, your students can write directly on the Atlas 12 to take notes, draw sketches, and solve problems.


Sync up.

Access the Internet in class and on field trips with an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi connection. Transfer data with multiple USB ports, and display content with an HDMI interface. Digitize your lessons and streamline classwork, tests, and assessments online and off.

Do it all.

The Atlas 12 is fully loaded with Windows 10 operating system, accessible Microsoft tools and apps, and high-speed Intel processors. Educate and entertain your students at the same time with HD graphics and LCD resolutions.


Because we know that metrics matter.

LCD Touchscreen

11.6 Inches
16:9 Widescreen Ratio
1366 x 768 HD Resolution


8-Hour Life
Lithium Polymer
10400 mAh

Storage + Memory

128GB Solid State Drive
Micro SD up to 64GB


Photo + Video
2.0 Megapixel Camera
Rotation: -35 to +200 degrees


Intel Celeron N3010
Burst Frequency up to 2.2GHz
Intel HD Graphics

Validated Durability

Drop Tested
Vibration Tested

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