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The Seal is not a social media machine. It does not come equipped with a selfie stick. It is not a shiny piece of metal that says more about your wallet than it does about your common sense. No, the Seal is built with a purpose, built for work, and built to last.

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Born in Buffalo.
Built for the world.

Strong on the outside. Sweet on the inside.

Dominate your workday in the field, on the road, and back at the office with the Seal from Bak USA. Strong enough to resist drops, dust, and water. Smart enough to go online, collect data, and transfer files. Yes, the Seal is an unstoppable force of power and productivity.

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Separating the weak from the well-made.

The Seal has been battle-tested to defend against some of the toughest conditions on the planet. Don’t believe us? See how the Seal performed in the unforgiving heat of the Arizona desert.

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