Built-in Handle
Anti-Slip Exterior

Move freely in and out of the classroom to collaborate, engage, and explore new and exciting learning opportunities.


360° Flexibility
180° Camera
Touch + Type + Ink
Wi-Fi + Ethernet

Put a whole new spin on teaching and learning with 360 degrees of flexibility, a 180-degree rotatable camera, and more.


Windows 10 + Intel
Tools + Apps for Education
128GB SSD + More
USB + HDMI Inputs

Invigorate your classroom with HD graphics, high speeds, and all the interactive tools and apps Microsoft has to offer.


Strong Battery
Temp Resistant

Stay up and running from morning announcements to final dismissal with a durable device and long-lasting battery life.


Touch. Type. Triumph.

Unlock the doors of imagination with the Atlas 12, the versatile 2-in-1 laptop built exclusively for K-12 classrooms. With an interactive touchscreen, attached stylus, and standard keyboard, students can engage learning in their own way, all day, online and off. Embrace the digital revolution and transcend traditional learning with the Atlas 12.


In a class of its own.

The Atlas 12 was built in partnership with local educators, Microsoft, and Intel® Education. Specially designed for long-lasting use in K-12 classrooms, the Atlas 12 entertains as it educates, supports student centered learning, and promotes college and career readiness all year long.


The Atlas 12 allowed us to take kids out into the field as archaeologists. They became archaeologists. The old way would be to bring a microscope, bring a notebook, bring a textbook, bring a backpack… but when you put all that in an Atlas 12—the kids show up with all that equipment that archaeologists would’ve used wrapped up in one device.

– Jason H., Educator, Buffalo Public Schools

Lifelong learning starts now.

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