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Seal 8

The robust tablet for life worth living.

Hit the road. Ride the wave. Catch some air. No matter where your journey takes you, the Seal 8 is your co-pilot for life. Rugged, reliable, and Internet-ready, the Seal 8 is the perfect companion for all things adventure. Drive. Ride. Hike. Bike. Sail. Swim. Ski. Fly. Climb. With the Seal 8, your mode of transportation knows no bounds.



Hook it up. Stay connected.

Program your Seal 8 with the apps you need to see the world. Capture moments and share content from just about anywhere. Camping? Seal 8. Road trip? Seal 8. Tailgate? Seal 8. You get the picture. Make life happen with the Seal 8.

I am a captain with 30 years of sailing experience, and I’ve never seen a tablet or any other mobile device that is better for boating than the Seal 8. With maps, apps, Internet, and it being waterproof—you can drop it in the water and rinse it off and not worry about it breaking or anything, and still use it for navigation. I use it when I sail my own boat and bring it aboard on others.

– Tim C., Boat Captain