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425 Michigan Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14203

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We are reinventing what it means to make it in America.

Most computer companies are driven by billion-dollar bottom lines, overseas assembly lines, and faceless exchanges. That system might work for some people, but not for everyone—and that’s a problem.

The solution? Do it differently.

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Born in Buffalo.
Built for the world.

With apologies to Mr. Ford, we’ve abandoned the assembly line in favor of a more personal touch on American manufacturing. How? Our patent-pending cellular manufacturing process combines cutting-edge cobotics with human ingenuity. We’re building computers with pinpoint precision and a handmade aesthetic—and we’re doing it in cities like Buffalo, New York.

This is how we build it.


The Bak USA manufacturing process is unique.

Built to order.

We receive your order, prepare the components needed to build your computer, and begin manufacturing in our production workshop.

The Bak USA manufacturing process is unique.

Human meets machine.

Product technicians work together with collaborative robots to handcraft each computer with pinpoint precision—from start to finish—in a single sitting.

The Bak USA manufacturing process is unique.

Quality is key.

Quality technicians conduct Accelerated Life Testing on computers and components to ensure a long-lasting, high-quality user experience.

The Bak USA manufacturing process is unique.

From us to you.

Logistics and fulfillment teams prepare, package, and ship every computer straight from our home to your hands.

Our computers are built in the USA.

We’re relocalizing the creation of technology and closing the gap—in speed, quality, and cost—between American manufacturing and Asia-based production. We’re not just building computers. We’re leveling the playing field for the overlooked and the underserved. We’re creating opportunities for people to spark innovation in their own world.

Feel good about supporting a local business.

Better methods.

In-house design, production, fulfillment, and support—paired with advanced manufacturing tools—optimize quality and efficiency.

Closer connections.

Local, accessible service gives customers the best possible experience throughout the entire lifecycle of their computers.

Greater impact.

Meaningful careers in tech break cycles of inequality and redistribute the economic returns of innovation outside Silicon Valley.

How did we get here?

We are pioneers. We are explorers. We are survivors. We are building computers, empowering people, and changing lives.

But how? And why? And for whom?

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