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Over the past month or two, Bak USA has won new sales contracts with three different purchasing cooperatives across the country.

While the average consumer can go to a big box store and buy a personal computer, schools and businesses often rely on government agencies and purchasing cooperatives to solve their tech needs.

To improve our position in the marketplace and compete against big dogs like Apple and Lenovo, we’ve recently won contracts with three new purchasing cooperatives. So when a school or business goes to buy some new computers through one of these organizations, ours will be ripe for the picking.

Here’s where we joined and what it all means.

1. Onondaga-Cortland-Madison (OCM) BOCES

OCM BOCES is a regional branch of the Boards of Cooperative Educational Services in New York State. It exists “to provide shared educational programs and services to school districts within the state.” The BOCES network provides cost-effective services—such as education technology—to almost every school district in New York State. OCM BOCES, despite operating in Central New York alone, extends its services to educational institutions statewide.

“It extends purchasing opportunities to nearly all other K-12 public schools in New York State.”

“This contract with OCM BOCES will make our Atlas computers directly available to all 23 public school districts in Onondaga, Cortland, and Madison counties,” says Bak USA Sales Director Mike Carbone. “But it also extends purchasing opportunities to nearly all other K-12 public schools in New York State.”

Bak USA Senior Business Development Manager Ian Donnelly is quick to explain how the new contract will make Bak USA’s products and services more accessible than ever, qualities he says are a large part of the company’s mission. “Through this contract, schools in Chautauqua County, up to Clinton County, down to Rensselaer and everywhere in between can connect to this contract through their local purchasing cooperative called Regional Information Centers,” Donnelly states. “And the fact that Bak USA is actually building these computers in Buffalo means that we are closer and more available to assess needs and create solutions than most other computer companies.”

Three key benefits of OCM BOCES:

  • Specializes in education technology
  • Serves nearly all K-12 public schools in New York State
  • Makes contracts available through a network of Regional Information Centers

 2. Pennsylvania Education Purchasing Program for Microcomputers (PEPPM)

PEPPM is a purchasing cooperative that serves more than 3,800 school districts, intermediate agencies, vocational schools, private and parochial schools, community and four-year colleges, universities, and government agencies in the United States.

“This deal with PEPPM puts us in another great position to make the most meaningful impact on teaching and learning in thousands of schools from coast to coast,” says Bak USA Sales Director Mike Carbone. “Not only does this contract help us make our computers more accessible, it helps us make them more affordable as well.”

Bak USA’s Atlas computers, which are already offered to educational organizations at a special discount through Microsoft’s Shape the Future Initiative, will be available for sale through PEPPM at an additionally reduced price.

“The Atlas will be offered at the most affordable price exclusively through PEPPM.”

“That means that the Atlas will be offered at the most affordable price exclusively through PEPPM,” explains Bak USA Account Manager Cristian de Rosa. “And PEPPM makes the purchasing process incredibly easy, too.”

To simplify the procurement process, PEPPM eliminates the need for schools and business to go through a long and tedious bidding process.

“The opportunity to purchase our computers directly through PEPPM spares school leaders the headaches of having to put out RFPs, evaluate sellers, and go through the typical motions of what’s often a complicated a time-consuming procurement process,” says Bak USA Senior Business Development Manager Ian Donnelly. “All they have to do is go to PEPPM and pick the computers they like best. Certainly, we hope they choose the Atlas!”

Three key benefits of PEPPM:

  • Serves more than 3,800 school districts and government agencies
  • Offers affordable pricing in conjunction with Shape the Future discounts
  • Eliminates the bidding process

3. The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS)

TIPS is a national purchasing cooperative that has been serving public agencies since 2002. Partnered with Bak USA, TIPS will offer competitively priced contracts through a streamlined e-bidding process, deliver Bak USA services quickly and efficiently, and maintain procurement compliance for education, government, and non-profit agencies.

“We’ll be able to make our technology accessible to more people than ever before.”

“Working with TIPS gives us an opportunity to let both our Atlas and Seal computers shine,” explains Bak USA Account Manager Allison Bornemisza. “Their sales reach will help us generate new opportunities and we’ll be able to make our technology accessible to more people than ever before. We’re really excited to be making more of an impact.”

Three key benefits of TIPS:

  • Makes contracts accessible to school districts nationwide
  • Offers fast and free memberships
  • Provides a user-friendly e-bidding system

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