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Does your industry depend on rugged mobile tech to get the job done? Good. These three software tools will help you boost productivity at work.

Let’s cut to the chase: We want you to buy a boatload of Seal tablets for your business. But we should probably offer you more than just a sales pitch, right? Yeah, that would be cool of us.

So here: A short list of software tools our customers are running on the Seal. Maybe it’ll inspire you to buy a bunch of rugged Seal tablets. And if not, well, at least we’ll be hooking you up with some tools to use on your own. Sounds like a win-win for you no matter what, eh? You’re welcome.

1: Dematic Sprocket

One of our customers is a major foodservice distribution network that uses the Seal to schedule maintenance on its machinery and transportation vehicles.

To improve workflows and minimize costs, the foodservice company uses Sprocket, an enterprise asset management system that enhances facility management. It’s a useful tool for maintaining assets in the distribution, manufacturing, and energy industries.

Sprocket makes it easy to:

  • Manage schedules
  • Automate processes
  • Identify and fix problems


2: VivoNet

Another one of our customers is a global leader in hospitality management and food service management. They’re using our Seal to conduct points of sale for concessions at major league ballparks and international airports.

To manage data, improve operations, and position themselves for continued growth, the management company uses VivoNet’s cloud platform. Vivonet helps them track their operations and meet business goals in restaurants, universities, hospitals, stadiums, hotels, and more.

VivoNet makes it easy to:

  • Collect and visualize data
  • Build informed strategies
  • Improve reporting


3: Alpine

We’re working with a local fire department in Western New York to help them manage their inventory, dispatch emergency services, and inspect fire hydrants.

The local fire department is using RedNMX, the emergency services management software from Alpine Software. RedNMX helps firefighters and first responders evaluate a scene, collect critical data, and then transfer it to nearby hospitals with maximum efficiency.

Alpine makes it easy to:

  • Complete incident reports
  • Schedule training sessions
  • Consolidate data tracking


Well, there you have it. Three great software tools. Three more reasons to buy the Seal for your business.

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