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“We feel like we are part of something bigger. A movement in Buffalo that will bring Buffalo back on the map in the United States.” – Ulla Bak

A company that builds mobile computers in Western New York? You better believe it. Bak USA is not only a dedicated team, but a family committed to the Buffalo region and an embodiment of what the start-up culture in Buffalo, New York can produce. We are committed to strengthening the local economy by establishing Buffalo as an international tech hub—by helping to revive local manufacturing, to create jobs, and to deliver products that improve the lives of Western New York residents.

From a blossoming partnership with Microsoft and Intel, to employing refugees and neighborhood residents, to developing groundbreaking hardware for education, healthcare, field services and nautical—these developments are only some of the reasons Bak USA is paving the way for start-up companies across our region.

Ever since a recent visit from Steve Case, AOL co-founder and entrepreneurial guru, it is clear that Western New York is on the map as a hot spot for promising young start-ups. Here are a few reasons why we chose to start our venture in Buffalo, continue to invest in this community, and think you should too.

1. The community is key.

“This year we got to experience firsthand what really sets us apart. Our customers, strategic business partners, investors, and especially the community in Buffalo are choosing Bak USA because our mission matters to them as much as it does to us. We build devices in Buffalo to offer job paths for people in Buffalo, and we do so to ultimately empower and educate people in Buffalo as well.” – JP Bak

Buffalo is a unique city with a spirit and pride that is all its own. Our community is committed to success, development, and of course, our sports teams (for better or worse!). It is clear that this city is embracing the resurgence and growth that so many of us see here today, and no matter where you go, the ‘Buffalove’ is felt.

2. The resources are here and they are growing.

“Buffalo is probably one of the most fertile grounds for young start-ups to come in and have an immediate impact. You’re not just part of a larger sea of companies vying for the larger player’s attention, you are very much part of the fabric of the business community here. Which is everything that a start-up needs and could possibly want.” – Christian Bak

If you have an idea, there is no shortage of places to turn to for guidance to develop your business. On top of all the developments happening downtown, consider the progress of so many local businesses. The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus’s Innovation Center serves more than 100 small-to medium sized companies, and the tech companies D!g, 43 North, and Z80 labs are all dedicated to developing groundbreaking ideas and getting start-ups the resources they need to succeed right here in Buffalo. START-UP NY, Invest Buffalo Niagara, and Launch New York are all key pieces of this region’s growth, and they are connecting companies with the assets and leadership they need. As a company that has benefited from being one of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s START-UP NY companies, we have had amazing access to resources and facilities from the University at Buffalo. These are just some of the resources available, and more are growing each day.

3. The culture of good neighbors is no myth.

“Buffaloians truly are very special. This community has helped share where we are going as a company.” – Eva Bak

Buffalonians live up to their name as the City of Good Neighbors. The support and welcome a company feels in this community is truly remarkable. As Katie Couric commented on her trip to Buffalo as a part of her Rebuilding America series: “I loved seeing a new side of this city, but most of all I loved the people in Buffalo, who were as warm as the temperature was cold the day I visited (26 degrees, in case you were wondering).”

Katie, we agree.

4. The access to promising talent is critical.

“We are the only tablet PC manufacturer who makes the tablet from A to Z. Our overall goal is to bring jobs back to the United States. By doing that here in Buffalo our hope is that we encourage other companies to do the same thing.” – J.P. Bak

With the remarkably rich diversity here, we have embraced the opportunity to make a difference and fulfill our mission of returning jobs to the United States. Our willingness to offer careers to refugees and marginalized workers is truly part of the fabric and inclusiveness of Bak USA. With the added access to an array of talent and influx of millennials moving into the city, there is a new life and new spirit everywhere we turn. We are so proud to be a part of this community.

5. Downtown continues to flourish.

“I would like to express my deepest thanks to the START-UP NY program for making it possible for Bak USA to be part of Buffalo’s high-tech transformation. These connections are invaluable to cementing our social entrepreneurship model here in Buffalo and expanding it globally. I’d also like to say thank you to all the local government and non-profit entities, as well as the countless individuals who have made us feel so at home here in Buffalo.” – Ulla Bak

This city has a spirit and a pride all its own. We are a city with belief, opportunity, and new beginnings. There is something to say about a town that is recreating its image and taking in a fresh breath of life (with the sweet smell of Cheerios!). The cranes downtown, the new restaurants, the new medical campus and young people moving into lofts and apartments all over the city speak for themselves. We have a chance to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and to make a change. We can jump into this feeling of excitement and make a better tomorrow.

By living and working in Buffalo, we are a part of the new; we are part of the now.

* * *

Celine Keefe

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