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Thinking of re-booting your career in downtown Buffalo? Now’s the time to experience life on the clock in the Queen City.

A view of the Buffalo cityscape from Bak USA.

1. Being a part of history.

The first African American novelist.
The first free school system.
The first Charity Organization Society.

The first New York State park, first desegregated baseball game, and first high-ranking woman in the armed forces.

The first movie theatre.
The first cancer research facility in the United States.
The first openly gay person elected to national political convention.

The world’s first chicken wing recipe!

Believe it or not, these pioneering people and proceedings took place in Buffalo, New York. It’s not a stretch to say that when you work in downtown Buffalo, you become immersed in a long legacy of greatness (whether you know it or not).

With SolarCity soon to be paving the way for green energy technology in Buffalo, a long list of Web marketing and PR firms operating downtown (The Martin Group, Block Club, Crowley Webb to name a few), and—ahem—Bak USA partnering with Microsoft and Intel to build mobile computers on the city’s East Side, Buffalo is establishing itself as a major hub for cutting edge tech and Web services.


“When you work in downtown Buffalo, you become immersed in a long legacy of greatness.”


This means that YOU could build, market, or sell the first solar panel ever made in the Northeast United States. YOU could promote the nation’s next Olympic gold medalist, award-winning musician, or critically acclaimed journalist. YOU could contribute to a new era of American manufacturing.

You could be at the epicenter of our region’s continued growth!

2. Celebrating cultural diversity.

Like most major metropolitan areas, the city of Buffalo enjoys a diverse ethnic community. The opportunity to interact with, learn about, and appreciate different cultures is certainly a large part of our company culture at Bak USA, and it is made possible by the wide variety of people that have made our city their home.

Buffalo is a cornucopia of unique languages, music, art, and (my personal favorite) food. When you work downtown, you allow yourself to enter an arena of coexistence that personifies the spirit of our American heritage.

Our friends at Jericho Road Community Health Center, for example, “provide a culturally sensitive medical home, especially for refugee and low-income community members” at two locations that bookend the city. They’re just one example of many that represent Buffalo’s initiative to make our community as safe, healthy, and happy as possible.

3. Growing in a community of professionals.

Working downtown, you’ll be surrounded by some truly brilliant, inspirational, and revolutionary minds. In the ‘City of Good Neighbors,’ you’ll find that many companies are eager to collaborate, contribute to each other’s success, and help establish Buffalo as a premier place to work and to live.

At Bak USA, for example, we’ve had the privilege of rubbing elbows with some incredible people in the workplace. Speaking personally, the opportunities to work alongside The Martin Group, Block Club, and the Innovation Center (Z80 Incubator Labs, Dig Buffalo, and 43North, etc.) have left me dumbfounded—stupefied by how professional, talented, and innovative the city of Buffalo can be.


“When you work downtown, you allow yourself to enter an arena of coexistence that personifies the spirit of our American heritage.”


A large part of Buffalo’s growth is due in part to the professional relationships developed between so many urban businesspeople in our city, across the country, and around the world. As Buffalo continues its resurgence, it is joining the ranks of those big cities that are revered all over the globe.

4. Mixing it up at off-site hotspots.

In downtown Buffalo, there’s no shortage of great places to meet for an off-site brainstorm. Whether you’re a total coffee fiend or just the casual user, downtown Buffalo’s got what you need.

Some of our favorite places include the small batch brilliance of Public Espresso & Coffee at Hotel Lafayette on Washington Street, or the always reliable Spot Coffee on the corner of Delaware and Chippewa. There are plenty more to choose from, each one with its own distinct style—a true representation of the Queen City itself.

The same thing goes for food, of course. As with any major metropolis, Buffalo is host to a wide variety of diverse and delicious lunch destinations, and when you’re trying to escape the office grind for a minute, the freedom of choice is key.

Some of our favorite lunchtime locales? Marco’s Italian Deli on Genessee Street, Rachel’s Mediterranean on Delaware Avenue, and the Expo Market on Main Street in the Theatre District. Don’t forget to drop by the Lloyd taco truck on Main & Eagle every Friday afternoon.

For a full-flavored lifestyle while you’re on the clock, downtown Buffalo is easily one of the best cities in the world.

5. Being a part of the renaissance.

Every Buffalonian knows that our city is re-establishing itself as a cultural icon, a definitive cornerstone of American progress. For those of you who may be missing out on the live and uncut experience of Buffalo’s meteoric rise, perhaps you’ve gotten in on the action secondhand via Travel & Leisure, The Washington Post, The New York Daily News, and The New York Times.


“For a full-flavored lifestyle while you’re on the clock, downtown Buffalo is easily one of the best cities in the world.”


If you’re working on the fringe of the city, you’re certainly a part of the excitement, and that’s awesome. But there’s honestly no substitute for being in the downtown mix day in and day out.

Buffalo is big enough to garner international appeal, but small enough to support small-town sociability. The city’s ethos, energy, and effervescence ought to be enough for anyone to re-evaluate his or her work status, consider the unlimited possibilities of a new career downtown, and strive for unprecedented success among fellow city dwellers in the years to come.

* * *

James A. Colombo III

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