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425 Michigan Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14203

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Bak USA is a social enterprise that employs a local yet diverse workforce in Buffalo, New York. These are their unique stories.

Allen is a native of Rwanda, Africa. She is currently an operator with Bak USA.

“I came here following my family. I come from Rwanda, it’s a country in East Africa. I had to join them due to the political instability back home.

“I have learned a lot of things. This is my very first time to work in a tech company to deal with electronics because before, I have never done that before. But immediately after I was hired, I was trained and so fast I learned to make tablets, to assemble tablets.

“The life here is so amazing because if you look around it’s a diverse company. We have Americans. We have Asians. We have Africans. Basically it is a group of people from all over the world. So it is a very very interesting and amazing feeling to be around these people knowing different cultures.

“I was lucky to get a job with Bak USA. My name is Allen Mwangange. I come from Rwanda.”