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When a director of technology came to us with a common classroom problem, we created a unique solution.

Many school leaders are forced to face the misuse of technology and, more to the point, the negative impact it can have on a classroom. Such was the case at Crawford Schools in Meadville, Pennsylvania. To help Crawford’s educational community best use their Atlas 2-in-1 laptops, we created a video that hopes to inspire students, inform educators, and educate a community.

How are we working with schools to answer their edtech needs? Find out in this interview with Bak USA’s senior account executive, Ian Donnelly. And don’t forget to watch the finished product below.

Audio Segments
00:00 – 00:53 | Getting to Know Ian
00:54 – 03:50 | Crawford School Community: Who, What, and Why?
03:51 – 04:50 | The Trouble with Technology in Schools
04:51 – 09:22 | Kids, Durability, and Classroom Management
09:23 – 10:08 | How Students Interact with Technology
10:09 – 12:30 | Developing Meaningful Connections
12:31 – 14:25 | Creating a Unique Solution
14:25 – 16:24 | Goals of Implementing the Atlas Best Practices Video
16:25 – 18:46 | Serving School Communities and Sharing Success
18:47 – 21:07 | Empowering Students in School, at Home, and Beyond
21:08 – 25:10 | How is Bak USA Different from Other Computer Companies?
25:11 – 26:39 | Closing Remarks and Contact Information

Are you looking to make more of an impact with edtech at your school? Let us know!

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