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You know what they say: Everything’s bigger in Texas. And, much to our delight, that includes a passion for edtech trends.

Three members of our business development team—Jennifer Mazurkiewicz, Ian Donnelly, and Brian Jones—are spending the next three days at the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in San Antonio, Texas.

Thousands of teachers, administrators, IT specialists, and school leaders from all over the world come to ISTE to learn how to leverage new technologies in their schools and classrooms. We’re here to learn from them. And we’ll be networking with as many people as possible from today until Wednesday.

Bak USA is a social enterprise that builds mobile computers in Buffalo, New York. We’ve come to ISTE to enhance our understanding of tech needs in schools and classrooms.

If you know anything about Bak USA, you know we’re out to make the most meaningful impact on education. You also know that we don’t believe in cramming consumer-grade gadgets into classrooms. That’s why we developed the Atlas: a 2-in-1 laptop purpose-built for student-centered learning. We brought it with us so attendees can check it out.

Visit us at the Bak Booth – Booth #109

A lot of vendors attend conferences like ISTE just to push a product, and that’s often the nature of the beast at events like these. But does it have to be? We don’t think so.

Do we want to sell our Atlas computers? Of course we do. But we’re interested in much more than that. We want to talk to you about our shared commitment to education—yours and ours. What are your needs? How can we help?

Yes, you’ll find our all-new Atlas at our booth, and it’s all yours to explore if you want to. We’ve got the time if you’ve got the inclination, so drop by Booth #109 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in downtown San Antonio.


Bak USA at ISTE 2017.
Our team attended a training session at Microsoft’s booth.
Bak USA at ISTE 2017.
Jen hanging out with Brian Myhre of Spectrum Industries, maker of tech-friendly furniture for education.
Bak USA at ISTE 2017.
Jen hanging out at the Lego booth!


Bak USA at ISTE 2017.
There may be 16,000 people at ISTE, but we found fellow Buffalonians in the crowd! Jen is all smiles with the team from Williamsville Alternative School. Love it!


Bak USA at ISTE 2017.
Ian’s showing a conference attendee how LabCamera software turns the Atlas into a mobile laboratory.
Bak USA at ISTE 2017.
Jen’s doing the “shaka” — which means “hang loose” — with Julie from Kamehameha Schools in Hawaii. Jen and Julie are both from Hawaii and met on the first day of the conference. Today, Julie stopped by the Bak Booth with some Hawaiian snacks for Jen. Yum!

What else are we up to at ISTE?

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