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When we got the opportunity to learn how the science of geography and the technology of GIS are being blended to transform industries and empower workers, we couldn’t wait to get started.

Several members of our Bak Pack are spending the week at the Esri User Conference in San Diego, California. If you’re there too, you’ll get to meet Jennie Emhof, our Seal product manager, and Jennifer Mazurkiewicz, Ian Donnelly, and Yvonne Paul from our business development team.

Understanding the science of where.

Thousands of people go to the Esri User Conference to learn how to leverage data and data visualization in industries like business, defense, government, transportation, utilities, and more. We’re here to learn from them.

We know today’s workforce faces tough challenges, so it was important to us that we find a way to empower workers. That’s why we built the Seal. It’s a rugged tablet engineered to increase capabilities, simplify tasks, and boost productivity no matter where the work happens.

Esri User Conference

Visit us at the Bak Booth – Booth #2408

As far as we’re concerned, our time at the Esri User Conference isn’t about us or the Seal. It’s about you. It’s about listening, building relationships, understanding your needs over the long-term, and finding ways in which we can offer effective solutions. You’ve got a job to do and we’re here to help you get it done.

If you decide to swing by and say hi, you’ll find us in Booth #2408. Don’t know where that is? Use the Exhibit Hall A entrance and head straight back. We’re the fourth booth on your left. (Need a map? Right this way.) Come say hi! 

Tuesday, July 11





Wednesday, July 12


Esri User Conference
The Bak Pack with the Seal at the Esri User Conference in San Diego! From left are Yvonne, Jennifer, and Jennie!



Esri User Conference
Ian meets with Jack Dangermond, the CEO of Esri. Nice to see you, Jack!


Esri User Conference
Jennifer chatting it up with a couple of people at the Bak Booth!

Thursday, July 13

Esri User Conference
Jack Dangermond, the CEO of Esri, stopped by the Bak Booth! Here he is with Ian, Yvonne, and Jennie.


Esri User Conference
Is the Seal really water-resistant? Why yes, yes it is. Go ahead & dunk it in the fishbowl!



Stop by throughout the week as we share what we’re up to!

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