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The opportunity to share learning experiences with our workforce and families will set the tone for high-tech education in our communities.


Since Bak USA opened in January 2015, employees and customers alike have celebrated the company’s mission to produce high-quality technology, celebrate social inclusion, and support the community. Tomorrow Bak USA will personify such efforts by inviting its employees and their families to a “3D Printing Is Fun” event at the company’s headquarters in downtown Buffalo.

“We hosted a similar event last Saturday, and it was a lot of fun,” says Matt Malloy, Bak USA’s advanced manufacturing manager. “Our operators and their children got a chance to to engage 3D printing technology, which is great because so many of us in the community—particularly children—don’t always have the opportunity to explore leading edge technology firsthand.”


“The dream is to create hands-on learning opportunities regularly.”


Similar to thew previous event, parents and their children will get the chance to learn about 3D printing technology, design their own image, and then print it out to keep. “Technology is a very pervasive and important part of our culture,” Matt says, “and the earlier kids learn about it, the better success they’ll have in the future.”

While the event has so far been limited to internal employees and their kids, Bak USA leaders are eager to host public events in the future.

“The dream is to create hands-on learning opportunities regularly,” says Bak USA’s chief technology officer, Christian Bak. “As we continue to grow and expand, we hope to create programs where anyone can come in and explore our processes, build technologies, and go home with a truly unique experience. Of course we want to open these events to the general public moving forward.”

In today’s world, the division between those who have access to technology and those who don’t has significant ramifications. To prevent the gap from widening, companies and communities must work together to stay informed and share ideas.

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James A. Colombo III

To learn more about the tech gap in our communities and around the world, search #digitaldivide on Twitter.