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Honestly, it’s a bit frustrating. We’ve been building computers in Buffalo for nearly three years, but many of our neighbors still don’t know about us. What gives?

I think I know what’s going on here. It’s like my Uncle Jerry always says: “Don’t tell me this town ain’t got no heart; you just gotta poke around.” Translation: It’s not that Buffalonians aren’t interested in buying computers from us—it’s just that we’re not doing enough to give them the opportunity. Until now.

It’s about time we started poking around our own hometown. And why not? We’re still a relatively underappreciated yet skilled organization that’s finally starting to make some noise. Sound familiar?

Even our rugged Seal tablet is a microcosm of our community. It’s rugged, resilient, and ready for anything. Isn’t Buffalo? Aren’t you?

So yeah. That’s why we’re setting out to rock Buffalo—and you’re invited to join us. Here’s how:

1. We’re taking it to the streets.

Meet Lindsay Riggs, our new field sales manager. Lindsay’s going to be hitting the road and visiting with businesses all over the city. Her mission? Share our story. Promote our business. And oh yeah, sell some computers.


When does she start? Where will she be? In what soon-to-be-unveiled Buffalo-built automobile will she be traveling? Follow us on Twitter to find out. (There may be some swag in it for you.)

Want to get in touch with Lindsay? Call us at 716.343.7330.

2. We’re invading the airwaves.

All you need is a good set of rabbit ears to see our commercials on WGRZ Channel 2. The ads play randomly throughout the day—but if you watch shows like Channel 2 News, Sunday Night Football, or Saturday Night Live, you’ve got a good chance of catching ‘em.

No time for that? Get a taste of the 10-second version right here:

How are we building computers in Buffalo, exactly? We believe in the process.

3. We’re on billboards all over the city.

Ah, the ol’ billboard. A timeless classic. We teamed up with our friends at Lamar Advertising to post digital billboards along three major thoroughfares around town. In October, our first billboards went up on the I-190 North headed into the city. But from now until the end of December, we’ll be mixing and matching signage on both sides of the 33 (Kensington Expressway) and the I-290 East headed into the ‘burbs.

For an idea of what the billboards look like, slide through the pics below.

  • Buffalo
  • Buffalo
  • Buffalo
  • Buffalo

4. We’re online at

The next time you go online to read The Buffalo News, you might get a healthy dose of Bak USA. Why? We’re working with our friends at The News to invite more people to explore our computers, see our partnerships, read our story, and more.

Want to help? Spread the #Buffalove on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Are you ready to rock Buffalo with us?

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