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It’s not every day you have an ad run in the USA Today—especially when you’re an up-and-coming company like us. So can you really blame us for a quick bit of shameless self-promotion?

We hope not. Here’s the scoop.

This weekend, our Seal will be featured in an American manufacturing-themed section of the USA Today. That means we’ll get in front of thousands of USA Today readers in:

Baltimore — Chicago — Detroit — New York — San Francisco — Seattle — Washington, D.C.

Don’t live in any of these cities? Not to worry—neither do we. But we managed to snag a copy for you.

usa today

We’ve been working hard to make our mark on the manufacturing world. Why? Because we believe that a blue-collar work ethic and high-tech workforce can be cornerstones of a new era in American manufacturing.

We also believe that Bak USA embodies the strength and spirit of the many hardworking folks we’re serving, and we hope this exposure will help us share our message with the nation.

Unfamiliar with the Seal?

Here’s a take from some members of our commercial team. That’s right—we’re more than just suits and fancy-pants creative types. We’re prepared to develop and deliver the Seal because we actually paid our dues in rugged industries. True stories:

(Click or swipe to slide through the images.)

  • Cristian de Rosa

    “I used to work in a warehouse where my job was to take a list of about 4,000 parts, find each one, take a photo of it, and then put it back. Finding, photographing, and transferring all those parts was a nightmare. If I had the Seal, I could’ve collected and organized that data in one place.

    Cristian de Rosa
    Partnership Manager
    Business Development Team

  • Jennifer Mazurkiewicz

    “When I was working as an account executive at an AV integration firm, I was traveling to job sites that were frequently under construction and areas where hard hats were mandatory and dust was everywhere. The Seal would have helped me to take pictures needed for my engineering team, take and share notes regarding the project, and keep all of the information organized.

    Jennifer Mazurkiewicz
    Account Executive
    Production Team


  • Ian Donnelly

    “In 2000, I worked at a doorknob manufacturing company in Jamestown, New York. We would pick apart raw brass parts and prepare them for finishing. All this was done with that carbon copy paper—illegible copies coffee stained and crumpled up. A mobile tablet would’ve helped us track deliveries, reduce “shrink,” and fill orders more quickly and accurately.

    Ian Donnelly
    Senior Account Executive
    Business Development Team


  • Kristen Johnson

    “I spent four years as the only woman in a volunteer fire department and rescue squad near a big city. Because our work was so demanding and dangerous, it was imperative that we understand which tools were needed for what jobs. In this setting, tech like the Seal tablet creates an opportunity for first responders to understand a scene before they arrive—and that can be the difference between life and death.

    Kristen Johnson
    Content Creator
    Marketing Team