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When we say that we build computers, empower people, and change lives, here’s what we mean.

We build computers.

We build computers, just like Apple or Samsung or Dell. The major difference is that we build our computers in the United States.

In fact, we assemble our computers by hand—one at a time—from start to finish—in downtown Buffalo, New York. This means that one person builds one computer in one sitting. One by one.

And when we say that a person “builds” a computer, we mean that he or she screws, solders, and assembles anywhere between 70 and 130 computer components (chipsets, wires, batteries, and more) to create one high-quality device.

While many major computer companies outsource their production processes overseas, we take pride in employing a local workforce that builds computers right here in America.

We empower people.

We’ve only been around for a couple years, but over that time we have tripled our footprint, quadrupled our workforce, and increased production by 2,000 percent. Not only have we empowered people through job creation, we are empowering our end users with access to high-quality technology.

We create jobs.

In January 2015 we had only a handful of employees. Today we’re nearly 80 people strong. Our ability to create new opportunities for so many different people is easily the most rewarding part of our continued growth.

What’s more, we’re empowering all types of people. Whether you were born on the East Side of Buffalo or in the Middle East, you are welcome to apply for employment at Bak USA.

And it is not a contradiction to say that we employ a local workforce from all over the world. As human beings who live and work together in the same place, we all represent one community of gifted thinkers, talented builders, and dedicated doers. Together we are working to change the face (and faces) of American manufacturing. Together we hope to inspire similar business practices around the world.

We make tech accessible.

As we’ve said before, our vision is to make mobile technologies accessible to every human being on earth. To do so, we host tours, offer affordable pricing, and make donations whenever possible.


When we open our doors to students, teachers, non-profit organizations, and other interested parties, we create hands-on learning experiences in a high-tech setting. For every person who has one, or two, or seven high-tech devices, there are thousands more who have none at all. With access to our facility, people from all walks of life can learn about and explore new technology.


With special offers through our friends at Microsoft, we allow schools to purchase a durable, versatile device at an affordable price point. Do not confuse affordability with low quality. Our specs speak for themselves—the price tag is just a bonus.


We’ve loaned or donated devices to hospitals, schools, and youth organizations all over our community. You’ve heard the term, “Think globally, act locally.” That’s pretty much what we’re up to when it comes to creating accessible tech, though we’re proud to have reached a well-deserving global audience as well.

We change lives.

Life-changing moments are really the end result of building computers and empowering people. Stringing our tagline together, you would say, “Bak USA builds computers so people can empower themselves and others to change their lives for the better.”

Which is true on so many levels.

A year ago I was an out of work writer with a lot to lose. When other companies dismissed or delayed any chance of hiring me, Bak USA brought me in, gave me a shot, and offered me a job. Changed my life forever.

And I’m not even the best example. Many of my co-workers have experienced much harsher realties than I have. By a wide margin, too.

Some have immigrated to the United States as refugees. These are people who have escaped unimaginable fates to stake out new lives for themselves and their families. People who have been given a chance to turn it all around—to make a meaningful contribution to our society—and they are seizing the opportunity with both hands. This is what empowerment looks like at Bak USA.

You may notice a common thread of acceptance in the way we do things, and that’s the point. When we say that we build computers, empower people, and change lives, we couldn’t be more serious.

Want to be a part of it? You can find us in the City of Good Neighbors. Contact us today.

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James A. Colombo III

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