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Environmental scientists in Buffalo and Western New York have it rough.

Not only do they work outside in unforgiving weather conditions that range from blazing hot sun to those famous Buffalo blizzards, but they’ve got to do it while trying to keep their paperwork clean, dry, and organized.

No big deal, right?

Wrong. Just ask Conor Deubell, an environmental scientist with one of Buffalo’s leading environmental science and engineering firms. His work involves taking photos, documenting measurements, entering detailed logs, and gathering samples for testing. Later in the process, he decides how site issues can be corrected and conducts ongoing testing and monitoring.

“I need to have four or five different documents with me—sometimes more. But after a while, especially when it’s raining, the documents get wet and dirty. They tear easily and the ink starts running all over. It’s a big mess and I can’t stand it. And that’s to say nothing about what I might drop in the mud or water.”

That’s a problem. Our rugged Seal 8 tablet was the solution.

A glutton for punishment

Conor’s girlfriend won a Seal 8 at a Christmas party and gave it to him (which is a pretty sweet thing to do, if you ask me). He was immediately hooked.

When I got my hands on the Seal 8 and realized that it didn’t come from Silicon Valley, I was blown away. Right in my hands was the solution to all my problems—and it was built in Buffalo on the same street where I live.”

Our rugged Seal 8 tablet was the perfect solution—except for one minor detail: Conor had no idea how to use it. Lucky for him, our world-class customer experience team had his back.

“I’m constantly sending online messages to customer support,” he said. “I’m amazed that I get help and responses right away. All I can say is: ‘Wow.’”

He was ready to get the job done—and the Seal 8 was prepared to help.


Because it’s water-resistant, weatherproof, dustproof, and fully functional in extreme temperatures, the Seal 8 easily stands up to unforgiving weather conditions and the dust, dirt, and mud that come with working outdoors.


Even better: The Seal 8 runs Windows 10 and the Microsoft Office suite, which includes Excel and OneNote—two programs Conor can’t work without. They enable him to take down field measurements, easily create graphs and charts, and keep a detailed field log.


Our Seal 8 tablet even gave Conor extra functionality in the field by enabling him to access his company’s library of aerial site photographs and annotate them using the tablet’s active stylus.

“The Seal 8 took my problems away,” he said. “It’s an overall badass device.”

I couldn’t agree more—and the newest model, the Seal, packs even more of a punch.

Hungry for more?

I wouldn’t blame you a bit if you wanted to know more about Conor and how the Seal 8 helps him dominate on the job. Whet your appetite below.