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You wouldn’t buy a hammer without holding it first, would you? Would you buy a car without driving it? Didn’t think so.

Your rugged tablet is no different. So before you pick a mobile tech solution for your business, get a feel for the Seal. We’ll let you test-drive it for 30 days. When you see what it can do, you won’t want to work without it.

Not convinced? Here are five good reasons to demo the Seal:

1. It’s FREE.

Test out the Seal for 30 days—free of charge. No cost? No worries. The only thing you have to lose is your faith in other tech companies.

Need an intro? Here ya go:

2. See how SMART it is.

Sync up the Seal with other devices, systems, and networks. See how the Seal supports seamless data transfers, data collection, and asset management.

Get a load of these features:

3. See how STRONG it is.

Drop it. Get it wet. Use it in extreme temperatures. The Seal is purpose-built for your truck, your toolbox, and the task at hand. Use it anywhere, day or night.

Don’t believe me? Try and say no to this guy:

4. Get to KNOW Bak USA.

Get a feel for world-class customer experience you won’t want to live without. Want a good hard look at what the demo process is like? We thought that you might.

Our man Mike will fill you in:

5. Make an IMPACT.

Something you love about the Seal? Something you don’t? You’ll get the chance to tell us what works for you and what doesn’t. We’ll use your feedback to build better tools for your industry down the road.

Get free stuff and other services:

Ready to get started?

To get your hands on the Seal, shoot an email to or call us at 716.248.2704. We’ll make sure you’ve got everything you need to get going.