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Do more with the strongest, most versatile laptop ever made.

What motivates you, every morning, to get up and go? What makes you feel fulfilled—convinced that you’re finally doing something right?

The answer is—clarity. A clear vision of where you are going, how you want to get there, and why. Only until you answer these three questions will you empower yourself to make the changes you’ve always wanted to make.

Our commitment to education, public service, and technology has converged to create… Atlas 12, a mobile computer that was built—not just to meet the requirements inside the classroom—but to explore every opportunity outside the realm of traditional learning.

The Atlas 12 was designed to support the most intense, hands-on learning experiences.

With a built-in handle, students can transport their ideas, rise above any challenge, and uncover creative solutions when they’re preparing for class—or just hanging out.

360 degrees of flexibility lets them engage learning in their own way when it matters most.

The attached stylus gives learners the chance to demonstrate understanding in their own way.

Different options to connect see students navigate new worlds from virtually anywhere.

The microscope lens opens their eyes to life’s biggest discoveries in the world’s smallest places.  

And as the sun sets on another day of adventures, having an extended battery life lets their imaginations stay awake—until those defining moments.

We understand that students learn in more ways than one. When we embrace the evolution of education, we unlock the doors of imagination; we shine a light on every corner of creativity; and we give them the freedom to see the world from their own perspectives.

My friends, education is not in our hands anymore…

It’s in theirs.

* * * 

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