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Bak USA’s customer experience specialist (and all around good guy), Don Eaves, has entered the Bak USA blogosphere to share his take on how companies can create the best customer experience. According to Don…

Just like in other industries, the ability to provide a top-notch customer experience is becoming a more vital part of a tech company’s success. The better the customer experience, the better the brand. The ultimate goal, of course (outside the obvious objective to help people) is to develop brand loyalty which equates to long-term customers. There are a lot of ways to create the best customer experience, but here are a few that work for us here at Bak USA.

Bak USA’s expert CX team (Tom, Don, Desiree, and Nathan) celebrate Bak USA’s 1,000th satisfied customer.

First thing’s first: Be real

As a tech company, when you have products that are vital to a student’s daily education or a business’s operations, it is imperative that you make it clear that no matter what, there will always be quality, enthusiastic, and genuine help being provided. By providing an outstanding service and experience every time someone reaches out and interacts with the company, you are able to truly show that you care. The customer knows that if anything goes wrong, someone will really be there to help above and beyond expectations.

When you offer customers an easy place to investigate the business, evaluate good and services, explore products, and ask questions, it establishes an element of trust. Such trust helps develop a company’s brand, which is defined by how people think of, speak about, and interact with that company. And when you think of our department specifically, we’re called “customer experience” and not “customer service” for a reason. We want you to have more than just good service; we want you to have a stellar experience.

Above and beyond: Be flexible

This is our goal with every customer interaction: Go above and beyond expectations. We do this by developing systems that make things as easy and convenient as possible for the customer. Sometimes in the tech industry, companies make you jump through hoops to get good product support. But when you contact Bak USA for support, you get it. We answer your calls in-house (right here at Bak USA HQ in downtown Buffalo), find solutions as soon as possible, and communicate with team members to satisfy your need as soon as possible.

Many other original equipment manufacturers (hardware providers whose computers are sold through places like the Microsoft Store) have a very rigid support system that does not allow for the most convenient solutions. At places that truly care about their customers, creative solutions are the name of the game. For example, when a third-grader jams a crayon where the attached stylus is supposed to go, or a seventh-grader locks himself out of his computer, you can call us, your faithful customer experience team at Bak USA, and we’ll be happy to help you out. We’ll do pretty much everything but discipline your students for you.

Bak USA Product Services Specialist Nathan Warner shares the ins and outs of the Atlas 12 during a “Lunch & Learn” in the Bak USA kitchen.

In the house: Be available

Some businesses outsource customer service departments as a way to cut costs, and sure, saving money is advantageous for any company. Other businesses seemingly do away with telephone services entirely, thereby cutting off customer service opportunities. Sure, there’s something to be said about the benefit of online communications, but sometimes there’s just no substitute for actually speaking with a human being.

(Have you ever gone to call a company with a question only to find that they have nothing more than an automated voice system? Or perhaps worse, hard-to-find contact info, like even an email address?)

In my humble opinion, it’s never a good look when your customers are forced to take to Twitter to ask a customer service question. While I agree that social media should be an option to enjoy customer support, it should by no means be the only option. So when you outsource, obfuscate, or eliminate customer service, you prevent yourself from creating a high-quality customer experience. As a result, you damage your brand.

With Bak USA, our culture is the greatest influence on all day-to-day operations. Our actions reflect our values. We’re fortunate enough to have an in-house customer experience team that works directly alongside each department, which has at least three specific benefits of its own:

  1. We work directly with the product development team to immerse ourselves in all of our products and services, so we know them inside and out. This way when you call and ask about a function, we know exactly what you’re talking about. It may sound simple, but I think we can all appreciate the opportunity to speak with a real live person who has a thorough understanding of how the product works, what the company can do, and more importantly—who we are as people.
  2. We work with the communications team to prepare ourselves with the language you’re most familiar with. By using the same words, terms, and phrases you see at, for example, and by using the same descriptions as everyone else at the company—inside and out—we’re best prepared to speak with you about a product or service. In short, we know what you mean and you can understand what we’re saying. Companies that outsource customer service often lack this communication element that is critical to providing the best customer experience.
  3. We live in and around Buffalo, New York, which is where we build our computers. Proud citizens of the “City of Good Neighbors,” we know what it means to come together when it matters most. Our customer experience office is only steps away from our product workshop, our front office, and our key decision makers. We’re tight-knit and it shows. You can’t fake that, and you sure as heck can’t get it anywhere else—it can only happen in-house, and it’s happening every Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 5 pm at Bak USA.

* * *

Special Guest Blogger, Don Eaves
Don Eaves is not a gameshow host or smooth-talking salesperson, although he easily could be. He’s just a genuinely good dude whose been wooing customers at Bak USA since July 2016.


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