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Bak USA is a social enterprise that employs a local yet diverse workforce in Buffalo, New York. These are their unique stories.

Fadi Abdulwahid is a native of Baghdad, Iraq. He is currently an operator with Bak USA.

“Here it is different, very different. We are creating jobs to provide people in other countries and places like Africa. They send tablets to the children, to students. I like it when I see the kids in Africa, they are very happy when they got their tablets from Bak USA.

“I came here as a refugee by an international organization. As a group we are here, we are refugees and we have other people here too. We don’t feel any different between ourselves.

“We feel everybody here is equal from another one. I like this job because it’s not a company only, it’s my family. It’s my second home here.

“My name is Fadi Abdulwahid, I came from Iraq.”