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As thousands of students across the country head back to school, we’re proud to know that we’ve helped set many of them up for success.

The start of a new school year just feels good, doesn’t it? There’s a change in the air and a sense of anticipation and excitement.

We share that excitement. We enjoy working with school districts to learn about and understand the challenges their teachers and students face in the classroom. To us, there’s almost nothing better than digging deep to find a technology solution that enables students to learn in a way that’s right for them.

It might seem weird that a computer company gets so excited about this stuff. I get it. But helping students and teachers is baked into what we do and, more importantly, why we do it. After all, former educators make up almost 20 percent of our team.

Purpose-built learning tools for students.

We shared our anthem with you a few weeks ago. When it comes to our role in the education space, there are two lines in particular that really resonate with me:

We will not stand for a system that favors the few. We will break our backs to build a bridge for the many.

We came out of nowhere to forge new beginnings and dust off the American dream.

The American Dream was built on a foundation of education. We believe every student has the right to experience high-tech learning opportunities—and when we say “every student,” we mean it. Here are just a few examples of how we’re setting students up for success:

  • Bak USA is setting students up for success.
    Our Atlas 2-in-1 laptop helped more than 1,000 students in three public schools in Detroit, Michigan, access online reading tools. The result? They made life-changing gains in literacy with double-digit drops in the percentage of students in kindergarten, first, and second grade who were two or more grade levels behind in reading. (Photo credit: Chalkbeat)
  • Bak USA is setting students up for success.
    We worked with our friends at Vantage Financial to enable Bowman County Public Schools to equip students with our Atlas as part of a 1:1 computing initiative—without breaking the bank.

  • Bak USA is setting students up for success.
    We teamed up with St. Mary’s School for the Deaf so students there could use both our Atlas and rugged tablet to complete project-based learning modules and interact with course material in a way that’s right for them.
  • Bak USA is setting students up for success.
    We equipped students at Calvary Academy with our Atlas so they could use Microsoft Education cloud tools to learn at home and in class using an innovative “flipped classroom” method.

And tomorrow, Aug. 30, is the first day of school for our friends at Regional School District 10 in Burlington, Connecticut. Our team will be there, rolling 1,000 Atlas laptops out to each high school student as a personal learning device that they’ll be able to use in the classroom and at home.

Helping learners and leaders across the country.

Those are just a few examples. Here’s where our Atlas is making a difference across the country:

That’s a pretty map—but it’s more than a geography lesson. It’s a visual representation of all the times we were able to give students and educators across the country access to a purpose-built learning tool, enabling them to explore the infinite realm of education and learn in a way that’s right for them.

Now that’s the stuff!

Here’s to the future.

We think it should be easy for schools to buy purpose-built learning tools like our Atlas laptop. And all of our services, from asset tagging and custom imaging to bulk delivery and ongoing support from actual human beings, are complimentary—because we believe in life after sales.

If you’re interested in the Atlas, give us a call at (716) 343-7330 or click here.

As the new school year gets under way, we’re thinking of the teachers, the school leaders, and every student everywhere. Here’s to a year full of imagination and exploration. Best of luck from all of us at Bak USA!

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