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Home is not a place—it’s a feeling. And we’re feeling pretty good right about now.

That’s because we’ve been building new business relationships in Buffalo. Specifically, our very own Lindsay Riggs has been working with local business owners who need some fresh tech in their lives. She’s been identifying their pain points, proposing new solutions, and setting up product demos.

It’s the sort of old-school, personalized sales approach you don’t typically see from computer companies. Of course, Bak USA isn’t your typical computer company.

“People are pretty into being able to sit down with me, call me, or text me to talk about what they need,” says Lindsay. “Whatever’s most useful for the customer. They get responses right away and they love that.”

What’s most useful for the customer? Depends on who that customer is. Fortunately for us, we’re working with folks from all over the Buffalo Niagara Region. Here’s who they are, what they need, and how we can help.


Local Fire Department

Pain point: Current tablets are outdated and clunky. Limited Wi-Fi and hot spot internet connections are unreliable. Replacement Toughbook tablets are overbudget.

Need: A rugged tablet that:

  • Is small enough for mobility but big enough for ease of use
  • Can be snapped in and out of a mount in the chief’s car or an ambulance
  • Has 4G LTE to stay connected with operators at all times

Relationship: Lindsay sat down with the fire chief to set up a free demo program that he and his team are using to test out the Seal in the field. As for feedback? So far, so good. “They’re really excited about it,” Lindsay says.


Local Landscaping Company

Pain point: Landscapers are using their personal phones to schedule appointments, make calls, and track progress. There is no central hub for business management.

Need: A rugged tablet that:

  • Can withstand the conditions of spring, summer, fall, and winter jobs
  • Uses 4G LTE to display maps and messages
  • Can be managed on the same mobile data plan/package

Relationship: Lindsay learned that the landscapers love the idea of buying a local product—especially one that is easy to use, fits their vehicle mount, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. “These guys want year-round mobility,” says Lindsay, “and that’s what they’re getting with the Seal.”


Local Maintenance Supplies Company

Pain point: Delivery drivers do not have a reliable mobile device for managing pickups and deliveries. And when their salespeople tend to off-site appointments, they have to write notes by hand and then re-enter that data back at the office, wasting valuable time.

Needs: A rugged tablet that helps drivers arrive on time, take signatures, and transfer data. A durable laptop that helps traveling businesspeople showcase the company’s products and enter customer info.

Relationship: “They can get to work on the spot,” says Lindsay. “Right now, they’re testing out the Seal for drivers, which is great, and I’m going to suggest the Atlas for their salespeople.”


Local Coffee Shop

Pain point: The coffee shop owner was using his personal computer to register points of sale, run numbers, set schedules, send emails, and print materials—sacrificing accessibility, safety, and security.

Needs: A business-owned mobile laptop with the sole purpose of handling the coffee shop’s needs. A local business partner that can scale up and share the shop’s success in tandem.

Relationship: Lindsay’s conversations with the coffee shop owner resulted in a custom service: Laser-etching the shop’s logo on the front of each Atlas—for free. “These guys were really into the laser-etching service, which we’re able to do exclusively for our local customers,” says Lindsay. “And because their order was relatively small, we were able to do it for them at no charge.”

Different? Definitely. Refreshing? We think so.

If you’re looking for a more personal touch on purchasing technology, let us know. We’ve got your Bak.