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Bak USA is a social enterprise that employs a local yet diverse workforce in Buffalo, New York. These are their unique stories.

Lysmary is a native of Ponce, Puerto Rico. She is currently a secretary with Bak USA.

“I moved from Ponce, Puerto Rico, to New York City, and I’ve been there since I was six years old. My family had brought me over here, and about three years ago I moved to Buffalo, New York. So now I have been over here on my own for three years with my daughter.

“I started when the company started here. I was also an operator, and then I got a promotion and I became the secretary of the CEO.

“The culture here at Bak USA is beautiful. It’s like my family, you know, and I know everyone here at Bak USA feels the same. We all look at each other no different than the other, no lower than the other, no higher than the other. Everyone is extremely wonderful here.

“I believe that it will make a difference to the kids–any technology that is going to help the younger kids. Now that I am a mom, I am able to show her and bring her here. It is a big difference from how I grew up.

“My names is Lysmary Santiago, and I am from Ponce, Puerto Rico.”