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In the market for a rugged tablet? According to this Quick Guide to Buying a Rugged Device, you need one that can resist impact, dust, and water.

Andrew Marder writes about tech start-ups, software, and field services for Capterra, a company that reviews tech solutions for businesses. According to Marder, field services businesses must be 1) careful with their budgets, and 2) familiar with which standards are most important in a rugged device.

We couldn’t agree more.

In fact, our rugged Seal tablet has the features Marder favors most: impact resistance, dust protection, and water resistance. More amazing, perhaps, is the Seal’s remarkably affordable price tag: only $699 to start. So the Seal isn’t just powerful—it’s accessible, too.

Impact resistance.

“This is where you find out your phone can fall out of a plane and survive impact,” Marder says. And while the Seal isn’t exactly a phone and we don’t drop it out of a plane, we do conduct our own drop tests.

Our engineering team uses a special drop-test machine to release the Seal from a height of 3 feet 11 inches onto a wooden plate. Here’s a dramatic slow-motion video of what that looks like:

Not too shabby, eh?

Sand and dust protection.

The Seal has a certified IP65 Certified Design, which is as good as it gets when it comes to being dustproof. “This evaluation is meant to determine if blowing material over a device will wear down important parts, clog functional parts, or seep into the product’s innards,” Marden says. “This is an especially important test for devices that are going to be used outdoors.”

If you work in the field, you’ll want a rugged tablet that can resist sand and dust. May we suggest going with the Seal?

Water resistance.

Citing military standards, Marden says that water resistance protects against contamination from fluids, rain, humidity, salt fog, and immersion. Unless you’re a deep-sea diver, though, “you’ll be fine with a tablet or laptop that can sustain some rain here and there.”

Remember those IP65 standards? That means the Seal can handle a good soaking, which makes it the perfect tool for working outside in the rain and snow.

In short, the Seal is made with the toughest materials we can get on our hands on. The Seal’s Gorilla® Glass screen, for example, is about as strong as it gets. And as Marden emphatically points out, “I’ll tell you right now – a strong glass screen is going to help.”


At the end of the day, you need a tablet that “will support your clients and employees, and that can manage all the mobile apps you’re already using in the field.” That’s pretty easy to do with the Seal. (Did you know that it also withstands extreme temps and is powered by Windows 10?)

And even though we know you’ll draw your own conclusions, we did some of the research so you don’t have to.

Here’s how the Seal stacks up against the competition. And if you’re hungry for more, here’s the full list of tech specs.

Any questions? Want to place an order? We’ve got your Bak.