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It shouldn’t be difficult for schools to buy the technology their teachers want and their students need.

But all too often, that’s exactly what happens. As school leaders and IT administrators across the country work to upgrade classrooms with modern technology, they’re left to navigate the complexities of modern technology needs, tight budgets, and mountains of paperwork.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

As the vice president of Bak USA’s business development team, my job is to make sure Bak USA is helping our customers get what they need. Here are two ways we’re making it easy for schools to get education technology into the hands of students and teachers.



1. We’re partnered with purchasing cooperatives across the country.

Average consumers shop with a lot of flexibility. See something you like? Swipe your card or fork over some cash and it’s yours. No muss, no fuss. It’s a lot harder to shop when you’re a school district constrained by a highly regulated process that often involves bids from multiple vendors.

That’s where purchasing contracts come in. They’re easy to use and help schools get classroom computers (like our Atlas 2-in-1 laptop) at the best possible price.



Schools can purchase our Atlas 2-in-1 laptop using these contracts:

  • OCM BOCES. Allows more than 3,000 K-12 public schools throughout New York State to team up and pool quantities to save cost, time, and resources. Schools can use Contract #RFB-218-52 to get a 3% discount on Bak USA MSRPs.
  • PEPPM. Serves more than 3,800 school districts, vocational schools, private and parochial schools, community and four-year colleges, and universities in the United States. Purchasing our Atlas on Contract #528103-004 gets schools a 2% discount on Bak USA MSRPs.
  • PCA. Serves public, private, and charter schools, state and private colleges, and universities across the United States, Puerto Rico, all U.S. territories, and parts of Canada. If a school purchases our Atlas on Contract #3-175-17, they’ll get a 2% discount on Bak USA MSRPs.
  • TIPS. Serves K-12 school districts, charter and private schools, colleges, and universities nationwide with a user-friendly online system. Schools get a 3% discount on Bak USA MSRPs if they purchase our Atlas on Contract #161202.

How does it all come together? Like this:

  1. Schools choose the purchasing contract they’d like to use and apply for membership if needed.
  2. Schools create a purchase order for Atlas laptops and accessories and send it our way. We’ll send it to the purchasing cooperative.
  3. The purchasing cooperative will review and validate the purchase order.
  4. Bak USA will fulfill the school’s order and help them deploy it.

If that sounds simple… well, it is. Buying from these purchasing partners saves school districts a lot of time because they know that they’re getting the best price on an approved, official product. The results? Less time wasted jumping through hoops and the satisfaction of optimizing every dollar in a tight budget.



2. We’re partnered with a finance company that specializes in working with schools.

It can be tough for school districts to buy hundreds of computers at once—even when they’re getting the best possible price. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Vantage Financial, a financial services company that shares our commitment to education.



Vantage Financial gives school districts access to cost-effective, customized lease solutions for technology equipment, software, and services.

They recently put together a creative financing solution to help our friends at Bowman County Public Schools. Thanks to Vantage Financial’s help, Bowman was able to buy enough Atlas laptops for an initial rollout, keep the budget intact, and set aside money for a future purchase. Curious to learn more? You can check out the blog post, read the case study, or watch the video.

If a school is ready to purchase Atlas laptops but needs some help stretching the budget, we’ll steward them through this short, four-step process:

  1. Work with Bak USA to choose and configure a technology solution
  2. Work with Vantage Financial to choose and configure a financial solution
  3. Work with Bak USA to deploy computers and get them into the classroom
  4. Work with Vantage Financial to decide what happens when the computers are at the end of their lifespan



We understand school needs and we’re uniquely prepared to meet them.

We’ve been committed to education since Day One. What does that mean? It means that members of our team have first-hand experience teaching students and working with parents. It means that we’re always looking for ways to help teachers and students unlock possibilities and take full advantage of every learning opportunity. And it means that we’re committed to making sure the learners and the leaders have access to the education technology they need to make it happen.



If you’re buying computers right now and need some help with the process or the financing, I’d love to help you out!