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We believe that every student has the right to experience high-tech learning opportunities. And when we say “every student,” we mean it.

If you know anything about Bak USA, you know that we’re on a mission to build computers, empower people, and change lives. We’re passionate believers in the power of technology to propel people—all people—forward in life. We make those beliefs reality by increasing access to technology for the overlooked and underserved and by creating meaningful careers in technology for those who are typically left out.

Our hiring practices are accessible and inclusive, ensuring that people from all walks of life have access to meaningful careers in technology.

Accessibility and inclusion play important roles in our hiring methods. They are cornerstones of our culture. And they’re important lenses through which we evaluate our products and services. If we are to do our part to ensure that every person can realize their potential to its fullest, our offerings must be inclusive and accessible to all.


Making classrooms inclusive and education accessible.

Technology is everywhere. It’s in our schools, our workplaces, and our homes. We use it to access social services, utilities, transportation, information, and more. With more than 1 billion differently abled people around the world, each of whom faces unique barriers in their daily life, technology must offer solutions that work for everyone.

That’s especially true in the classroom. The American Dream is predicated on economic mobility—that is, the idea that anyone can “make it.” Education is a cornerstone of success later in life. If we are to level the playing field, it’s important that every child has access to the tools they need to learn in a way that’s right for them.

I was proud recently to learn just how accessible our Atlas 2-in-1 laptop is. Not only is the Atlas durable, it can be used as a touchscreen laptop, folded into tent mode, or flipped into a touchscreen tablet.

Students can choose to use the keyboard, the active stylus, or the touchscreen to interact with course material, collaborate with their peers, and communicate with their teachers.

And perhaps best of all, Atlas models run Windows 10, the world’s most accessible operating system. It’s got an incredible number of built-in software solutions that support the neurodiverse, those with mental health diagnoses, and those with vision, hearing, or cognitive impairments.


It’s important that everyone who uses technology can personalize it in a way that empowers them. Because we believe in doing everything possible to make anything possible, we’ve made sure the Atlas works seamlessly with affordable peripherals like the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C and the Leap Motion 3D Controller.

The Leap Motion Controller enables students to navigate their Atlas in 3D with hand motions. Free and low-cost apps from the Leap Motion Store make the controller even more versatile.

Our Atlas 2-in-1 laptop works with peripherals like the Leap Motion Controller to make learning accessible.

Students can pair the Atlas with the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C to navigate the Atlas, operate an on-screen mouse and keyboard, and interact with software using their eyes. And with Tobii apps, students with communication impairments can use a symbols-based interface to express themselves. Both devices connect to the Atlas with a simple USB cable.

We asked Alex Fernandez, our education product manager, to demonstrate how the Atlas works with the Tobii Eye Tracker 4C. With native support in Windows 10, the eye tracker works beautifully with the Atlas.


Meeting the needs of a unique learning community.

Today falls squarely in the middle of International Week of the Deaf, a weeklong celebration of the culture, heritage, and languages that are unique to deaf people around the world. The week is also designed to raise awareness of challenges facing the deaf so that we might gain a better understanding and work together toward solutions.

As I read more about International Week of the Deaf, I couldn’t help but remember a visit to St. Mary’s School of the Deaf here in Buffalo earlier this year. It was an incredible experience to see Bak USA’s mission come to life right before my eyes.

Our rugged tablet, the Seal, is being used by students at St. Mary's School for the Deaf, making learning accessible.

Students at St. Mary’s are using our Atlas 2-in-1 laptop and our rugged tablet, the Seal, to complete projects, collaborate with their peers, and interact with course material. Want to learn more? Right this way.


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