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Almost exactly four years ago, Bak USA hired its first group of technicians and began training them to build computers. We had a vision that our small team could grow to empower more people through jobs and access to high-quality technology.

Looking around today, it amazes me to see how that vision has expanded and evolved as our company has matured. While I am incredibly proud of what we have built together, it is also incumbent on me as its leader to acknowledge that the ground has shifted, and to adapt.

A few weeks ago, my family and I reached an agreement in principle to buy out Bak USA’s shareholders to regain full control of the company’s operations. There were many reasons for this, but the most important is this: we are deeply committed to this company and to having a positive social impact on customers and the community. To that end, we have hired and upskilled well over 100 people, nearly all of whom were new to tech and manufacturing. We’ve developed an innovative human-centric production process. And our computers are empowering more than 30,000 students across the U.S. this school year alone.

We’ve done all of this by innovating our way through a landscape littered with challenges and institutional bias. Despite our achievements, we remain vulnerable to unpredictable external forces—most especially tariffs on Chinese components, which will have a significant financial impact on our young company. And while we are still financially sound, we do not have the runway to absorb these blows as a larger company might.

Due to these pressures, Bak USA conducted a reduction in force today. Reducing our headcount was a necessary step to ensuring that the business remains sustainable and has a clear path to profitability. By taking this action, we are working to secure the futures of the employees who remain and reset for future success. The decision to reduce the headcount in each department was made carefully based on the skills that the company needs most; right now, and in preparation for the future.

This company is built around people and losing members of our team is a painful process. We remain deeply appreciative of their ideas and hard work. Our staff will ensure that our customers continue to receive excellent service and attention during the transition.

In the coming weeks, we hope to finalize the management buyout of Bak USA. We look forward to sharing more at that time about our new outlook and vision for the next chapter in Bak USA’s company story.