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New deals, new hires, and new machinery pave the way for new construction at Bak USA.

Buffalo News Anchor Al Vaughters tours the fourth floor of the Compass East Building with Bak USA Senior Salesperson Ian Donnelly.

Perhaps you’ve seen it? Bak USA has been enjoying a bit of local press lately, mostly because we’re doubling up in size. Yep, as our company continues to grow, we’re busting out the blueprints and hard hats to make way for an influx of new hires, state-of-the art machinery, and anticipated production.

The million-dollar expansion, which is taking place right now at our headquarters located in the Compass East building in downtown Buffalo, is predicated heavily on our partnerships with a wide variety of companies and organizations.


“Our current expansion is a prime example of our contribution to the economic development of our community.”


“We’ve been fortunate enough to develop major partnerships with local agencies and global leaders such as Intel and Microsoft,” says Christian Bak, Bak USA’s chief technology officer & co-founder. “We’ve got several partnerships in the pipeline, too, and we’re gearing up for some pretty big things.”

Right now all of our employees occupy all 12,000 square feet of the fifth floor in the mixed-use Compass East building, but the new expansion will find us working our way down to the fourth floor and basement to comprise a total footprint of more than 30,000 square feet.

With a special focus on American standards of manufacturing, the new additions will be built specifically for production, providing our operators with a bigger and better cleanroom to work in.


“We’ve got several partnerships in the pipeline… we’re gearing up for some pretty big things.”


The fifth floor, which is currently split between a manufacturing facility and office space, will be expanded to accommodate the growing needs of our marketing, sales, human resources, finance, and administration departments.

Our commitment to job creation has never been stronger, and our current expansion is a prime example of our contribution to the economic development of our community. As the wheels continue to turn, we look forward to hiring new employees, forming new partnerships, and developing new products. Until then, we’re doing everything we can to produce high-quality mobile computers with maximum efficiency.

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James A. Colombo III

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