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Mar 7, 2018

Rugged Tablet and Accessory Bundle for Commercial Fishermen and Fish Processors

The Seaside Seal Pack is a mobile computing hardware bundle designed specifically for commercial fishermen and fish processors. It includes the Seal, our rugged tablet; a magnetic card reader; a wireless printer; and six USB flash drives. The pack includes all the tools that commercial fishermen and fish processors need to gather and track data, swipe fishery permit cards, print fish tickets and receipts, and exchange information effortlessly during long days on the docks.


Feb 21, 2018

How Collaborative Robots Work with Technicians in the Manufacturing Process at Bak USA

Our collaborative robots, or “cobots,” are important parts of our production team and help make our manufacturing process more efficient. They perform tasks that are too tedious, difficult, or dangerous for humans to do. Best of all, they enable us to increase our production capacity, allowing us to create more jobs for humans and keep growing. In this video, find out how we're using robots in our manufacturing process. Learn more on our blog at

Atlas, Bak USA

Feb 15, 2018

Supporting Schools with Classroom Computers Purpose-built for K-12 Education

We aren't like the big computer companies, and that's by design. At Bak USA, we're doing it differently. When it comes to K-12 education, we believe students should get to learn with a computer built just for them. We're not out to cram consumer-grade gadgets into schools. We're here to introduce purpose-built tools to shared learning communities. See what sets our Atlas 2-in-1 laptop apart from other school computers, how we support school staff, why we're involved in education, and what it means to be a social enterprise. Come join us in a new era of education technology.


Feb 9, 2018

BONUS FOOTAGE: See What Inspires Our Industrial Design Team to Create Mobile Computers


Feb 7, 2018

See What Inspires Our Industrial Design Team to Create Mobile Computers

Industrial designers love to solve problems. Where does their inspiration come from? Watch as we interview Bertholt and Jon, members of our industrial design team, about their design process, where they get design inspiration, and how they bring our 2-in-1 laptops and rugged tablets from idea to reality.


Jan 24, 2018

Explore the Atlas: The 2-in-1 Laptop for K-12 Education from Bak USA

Every student has the right to explore learning with a laptop made just for them. That’s why we built the Atlas: the durable, versatile, and portable classroom computer for K-12 education. Atlas models feature a fingerprint reader, an active stylus, a built-in handle, a rotatable camera, and the durability to handle the rigors of a full day in an active learning space. Designed to support student-centered adventures in and out of the classroom, the Atlas isn’t just a school computer—it’s also a time machine, a library, and a workshop in one.


Dec 29, 2017

Bak USA 2017 Year in Review

2017 was a momentous year for all of us at Bak USA. Each month seemed to bring with it a new milestone. We were breathless by December! To celebrate the year and our shared success, we put together a video yearbook. You can watch it here.It was a year that included a major expansion of our manufacturing facility in downtown Buffalo, New York; new additions to the Atlas Series and the Seal Series; a new retail partnership with Microsoft; a major investment in our future; a new relationship with Verizon, and a gift to The Teacher’s Desk. Along the way, we joined new purchasing cooperatives, showcased our manufacturing process, launched a new video series and put the BakMobile on the streets of Buffalo.Thank you for all the support you’ve shown us along the way. As we look ahead to 2018 and think about what the year has in store for us, we’re grateful that you’re sharing this journey with us and excited to see what the future holds. Happy new year!

Bak USA, Education

Dec 26, 2017

BakTalk with James: Live at The Teacher’s Desk

Bak USA donated 500 devices to The Teacher's Desk! Check out my coworker James break it down on this FB live!