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We worked with school leaders at Regional School District 10 to roll out more than 1,000 Atlas 2-in-1 laptops across four schools in Burlington, CT.

Last month, we delivered more than 800 computers to students at Lewis S. Mills High School. The students will use their Atlas 2-in-1 laptops in a 1:1 learning environment, which means they can access the internet, collaborate with others, and explore student-centered activities in school and at home.

Bak USA was the only company who said, ‘Of course we’ll do that!’

The remaining 200+ laptops were distributed across classrooms to students in grades 5-8 at Har-Bur Middle School. The kids will use their Atlas 2-in-1 laptops to explore hands-on, student-centered learning.

We started talking to Microsoft, and they recommended that the Atlas would be exactly what we were looking for.

It was really just this amazing experience because our small team felt large.

Want to see what the roll-out looked like on-site?

Click through these slides from our Instagram post. For even more details, read the official press release here.

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Yesterday, the #BakPack went to Regional School District #10 to help them kick off the launch of their 1:1 Personal Learning Device Initiative. Each one of these kiddos at Lewis Mills High School received an Atlas 2-in-1 Laptop to take to and from school. On slide 3, you’ll hear the Director of Student Learning, Cheri Burke, talk about WHY she chose Bak USA and the Windows platform. And don’t miss the student art on the last three slides! Congrats to the students and staff at Lewis Mills and thanks again for giving us an opportunity to serve you. . . . . #BakUSA #BuffalosBak #BuildingComputers #EmpoweringPeople #ChangingLives #buffalo #buffalony #716 #explore #exploremore #explorebuffalo #risebflo #placesbuf #peoplebuf #borninbuffalobuiltfortheworld #edtech #edtechteam #publicschool #education #edu #publiceducation #publiceducationmatters #teacher #school #highschool #microsoft #microsoftedu #microsoftoffice

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A very special shout-out goes to Cheri Burke, Chris Rau, and all the students and staff at Region 10 for creating such a memorable experience for us and our team. We’re proud to partner with such an incredible school community!

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