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We’ve always been told that building computers in America would never work. But it’s here. It’s happening. It’s working. And now, it has been recognized on the national stage.

You might have heard that Bak USA was recently featured on MSNBC. That’s right—on June 15, Stephanie Ruhle, the anchor of MSNBC Live, interviewed Eva Bak, our vice president of people, and Christian Bak, a co-founder and our vice president of product. Viewers across America got to hear Eva and Christian talk about our mission, our diverse workforce, the unique way in which we build our computers, and how we’re working to empower people and change lives.

Watching Eva and Christian talk us up on national television was an incredible experience. I know that for Ulla and J.P. Bak, our co-founders and leaders, watching their daughter and son tell a national audience about the company they’ve built together was one of their proudest moments.

We’ll talk more about the MSNBC interview—and you’ll have a chance to watch it—in just a bit. For now, though, let’s take a quick step back and talk about how we got here, what we’re doing, and what the future holds.


American ingenuity is powering the revolution

We’ve written before about how American manufacturing is being reinvigorated by good old American ingenuity. (Check it out here—and don’t miss the list of companies making products in America!)

In a nutshell: American manufacturing is being revolutionized by tech-centric, nimble startups like us and thousands of others across the country. How? We’re finding new, innovative ways to create high-quality, state-of-the-art products—and we’re doing it by finding the sweet spot in combining skilled labor and complex machinery.

We’re helping to lead that revolution, starting right here in Buffalo. In our product workshop, our talented team of production technicians work with three collaborative robots to handcraft each computer with pinpoint precision, from start to finish, in a single sitting.


Our production process is unique amongst computer companies. By leveraging human talent and combining it with automation and collaborative robotics, we’ve found a way to close the gap—in speed, quality, and cost—between American manufacturing and Asia-based production.

Not only does that enable us to build computers on American soil, it means we can bring humans back to the production floor and prioritize the human side of advanced manufacturing. As far as we’re concerned, that’s a significant improvement on the current state of American manufacturing.


The impact of what we’re doing doesn’t end there. By designing our production process to prioritize customers, employees, and community impact, we’ve made it possible to relocalize the design and production of technology. We’re creating opportunities for all, right here in our own backyard. We’re helping to revitalize a Rust Belt city that got left behind—and we plan to bring our model to other similarly distressed cities across the country.

If reading all that left you a little breathless, I get it. It’s big. It’s bold. Revolutionary, even.

But we’re not done. Take a deep breath and brace yourself.


Our vision is to create technology hubs across America

We don’t plan on stopping at our doorstep.

We’re committed to teaming up with local partners who share our values and are driven by innovation. Here in Buffalo, we’ve enjoyed working with Buffalo Manufacturing Works, an engineering consulting firm operated by EWI, to introduce collaborative robotics to our production process.

As we activate against our vision to bring advanced manufacturing to other distressed cities across America, we’ll be looking for local partners like Buffalo Manufacturing Works. Doing business with them will not only propel us forward, it’ll also enable these organizations to continue innovating, grow, and create meaningful careers in their communities.

The result? Advanced manufacturing hubs across the country, a level playing field, and equal access to the prosperity created by technology.


On the national stage with MSNBC

That’s the vision—and we’re starting right here in Buffalo, New York, USA.

So about that MSNBC interview…

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