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Anyone remember what life was like in Buffalo last month?

The weather was seasonable, the Bills were going to the Super Bowl, and our Rock Buffalo Campaign was in full swing. Twenty-eight days later, one of these things is not like the others. We think you know which one. At least our very own Lindsay Riggs and her #BakMobile are still on the road and introducing our computers to business owners in Buffalo.

You may already know that the Atlas is the purpose-built 2-in-1 laptop for education, but is it suited for businesses? Well, sure it is—I work on my Atlas every single day. To be frank, though, the Seal is the better bet for businesses. That’s why we’re emphasizing the Seal as we shop our services around town.

Want a closer look at where Lindsay’s going and why?

Saddle up with us in the BakMobile for a special edition of “Bak Talk with James: On the Road with Lindsay Riggs.”

No time to watch? Here’s a recap:

Lindsay’s been visiting with business owners at local breweries, fitness centers, and surveying companies. Here’s why the Seal fits the bill at these types of businesses:


Why breweries?

The Seal is water-resistant.
What’s the main ingredient in beer? You guessed it. Water. And breweries use a ton of water to clean all their equipment, too. So when your favorite brewsmiths (not really a word but you know what I mean) are navigating the slippery slopes of their breweries, you better believe they’ll want mobile technology that doesn’t mind getting wet.

The Seal is dustproof.
That means the Seal is also “grainproof,” so Seal-ready brewers can enter and exit the milling process without risking any damage to their device. Milling supervision, measurements, and general data collection are done and done with the Seal.

The Seal is temperature-resistant.
You’ve got water. You’ve got grain. You want beer? You’ve gotta mix ‘em and mash ’em and boil ‘em all together. And then you’ve gotta cool your brew, box it, and ship it cold! It’s a good thing the Seal can withstand extreme temps—it operates between 14°F and 122°F making it brew-friendly at every stage of the game.

The Seal can run your favorite beer apps.
BeerSmith, for starters, makes brewing beer a breeze. And it works really well on Windows 10, which is the Seal’s operating system. Let’s not forget—brewing beer is a science and the right mobile technology can go a long way.


Why fitness centers?

The Seal has front and rear cameras.
Who doesn’t love a good before-and-after photo? Fitness instructors can use the Seal to snap photos of clients from Day 1 to Day 30, save them on the tablet, and then just open the photo files to show a client’s progress. Progress means motivation and motivation means results, baby! I’m sweating.

The Seal has built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
Need to demonstrate the best way to perform a burpee, bench press, or butt squat? Ignore for a second that I made up the name of that last exercise and use your Seal to pull up videos of the safest and most efficient workout techniques online. Remember, good form is key.

The Seal is drop-resistant from up to to 4 feet.
I’m not encouraging you to watch “gym fail” videos on the internet, but I’m not not encouraging you to watch “gym fail” videos on the internet. When an overambitious “power lifter” can’t quite get that last first rep, his or her fitness instructor can drop the Seal and save the day. The Seal is strong enough for any gym.

The Seal simplifies data entry.
I dig old-school vibes, but using a pen and paper to keep track of workouts is just sloppy and inefficient. So unless you’re battling the bulge in the 1940s, you’re likely in the market for a rugged tablet at your fitness center. Keep track of your and your clients’ progress quickly and easily with the Seal. #Gains, bro.


Why surveying companies?

The Seal is weatherproof.
Surveyors are those guys and gals you see on the side of the road wearing construction gear. It looks like they’re using photography equipment, but that’s not exactly what’s happening. They’re really using technology to measure things like roads, pipelines, and bridges for property management projects. Yes, they work in the snow, rain, and sleet. And so does the Seal.

The Seal can handle your day.
The days are long and the work is exhausting. That’s why the Seal is designed to survive a day of work in the field and on the road. With a battery life designed to last 5-7 hours with typical usage and multiple options to connect, surveyors can collect data and communicate with colleagues all day, every day.

The Seal maximizes GIS software.
This is a big one and would be impossible to include without mentioning our partners at Esri. They’ve developed ArcGIS, the world’s best cloud-based mapping platform. With Survey123 and Collector from ArcGIS, surveyors can use their Seal tablets to digitize data management in the field.

The Seal has built-in GPS.
Surveyors need to know where to go and when. With a built-in GPS, the Seal can help surveyors navigate their job-sites quickly, accurately, and safely. Paired with its many other features, the Seal is a universal tool for surveying land and property.

Looking for a tech solution at your business? Let us help.