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425 Michigan Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14203

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Bak USA is a social enterprise that employs a local yet diverse workforce in Buffalo, New York. These are their unique stories.

Salah Macheremo is an operator at Bak USA and is from Kenya.

“I started teaching in Kenya in 2001 up to 2013 and I was a principal there. The reason why I join Bak USA, I find that they are working together with students. After I saw those kids, it attracts me to join Bak USA, So that I can assemble a tablet, so that the same student they can use my tablet, which returns my name behind the back of them.

“I built seventeen tablets and I send them back home to the school where I was teaching, so they are very happy after they see that tablet using this cause. Bak USA is not only a business, it is a company whereby they helping people. Those who are not affordable to buy the tablet.

“Here we have difference in knowledge and different culture, but Bak USA makes us as one culture. I feel I am at home.

“My name is Salah Macheremo, and I am from Kenya.”