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We packed the Seal with as many tools as possible. But even the strongest and smartest heroes need a sidekick from time to time.

When it comes to charging up, enhancing mobility, and improving efficiency on the job, we’ve got the hookup. Support your Seal with these sweet add-ons and extras from Bak USA and our partners in rugged tech.

  • Charging solutions.

    Charging solutions.

    We partnered with Spectrum Industries, a company that builds tablet charging solutions in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, USA. Why? Because they’re the best. We got together so you can store, charge, and transport your Seal tablets with ease.

  • Charging solutions.

    Order now. Thank us later.

    Power up with the Collectiv8 Charging Pillar, InTouch42 Tablet Cart, and Connect10 Locker.

  • Shoulder Strap & Sleeve.

    Shoulder Strap & Sleeve.

    Release the Seal without sacrificing your iron grip on the task at hand. With the Seal Shoulder Strap & Sleeve, you’ve finally got an extra set of hands. Maximize mobility, stay on task, and save time with this convenient add-on.

  • Shoulder Strap & Sleeve.

    No hands? No problem.

    If you’re trying to make moves, you can order your Seal Shoulder Strap & Sleeve today.

  • RAM Mount.

    RAM Mount.

    Okay, so we don’t build our own vehicle mounts. But we are partnered with RAM Mounts, the world’s leading source for rugged mobile equipment and docking stations. Made in the USA? You bet.

  • RAM Mount.

    Hook it up.

    We’re here for you. Contact us to order your RAM Mount today.

  • Complimentary services.

    Complimentary services.

    At Bak USA, we want you to have it all. And if we can kick it in for free, well, then, we’ll kick it in for free. That’s why we offer all Seal customers a demo program, asset tagging, custom imaging, and bulk delivery services—all completely free.

  • Complimentary services.

    Premium services.

    During your workday, anything can happen. That’s why our optional Accidental Damage Protection Plan extends your standard coverage by one year, offering you a 3-year limited warranty. And for just $10 per device, we’ll use LASERS to etch a label directly onto your Seal. Because lasers rule.

  • Extra styluses and chargers.

    Extra styluses and chargers.

    We believe that a stylus is more than an accessory—it is a necessity. That’s why every Seal comes standard with a stylus and charger. But if you’re looking for extras, hey, we’ve got ‘em.

  • Extra styluses and chargers.

    Looking for more?

    Better to have too many than not enough, eh? For extra styluses or chargers, get a hold of us today.