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Commercial fishermen and fish processors have it rough.

They work long, exhausting days in cold, wet, dark conditions. And for many of them, internet access is non-existent and 4G LTE service is unreliable. Problem is, they’ve still got to electronically report catches and purchases to the state. We found a way to help them out.

We’ve introduced what we’re affectionately calling the Seaside Seal Pack, designed specifically to help fish processors and commercial fishermen in the Pacific Northwest and other regions get the job done.

The Seaside Seal Pack includes our rugged Seal tablet, a wireless printer, a magnetic card reader, and six USB flash drives.

What is the Seaside Seal Pack? It’s a mobile computing hardware bundle that includes our rugged Seal tablet, a magnetic card reader, a wireless printer, and six USB flash drives.

The Seaside Seal Pack: less random than you think.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: that seems like an awfully random collection of items. Who put this pack together, anyhow?

But, as my grandpa used to say, there’s a method to our madness. I promise. Here’s why we chose these items.

Here’s how the Seaside Seal Pack works.

Watch as Nathan Warner, our Seal product manager, and a fisherman (who looks suspiciously like James A. Colombo III, our lead content creator) break it down.

The Seaside Seal Pack empowers workers.

You might be asking yourself why we went to all this trouble to help a relatively small group of people. It’s not so we can make a quick buck. It’s so we can help them get the job done, on their own terms, no matter what the workday (or night) throws at them.

Want more? I can’t say as though I blame you.