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We may be the world’s smallest computer company, but we’re partnered with the world’s best. So, what’s next? Well, we can’t really tell you yet. Can we dramatically lead up to a big announcement over the next few days? Yes. Yes we can.

As we continue to gain steam, we’re offering you a ticket to ride. Whether you’ve been a diehard fan since day one or you’re a curious newcomer clamoring for something freshyou’re invited. You’re invited to see what happens when a homegrown computer company stakes its claim in education, technology, and education technology.

Wednesday, April 26

Who are we?
We may be small, but we dream big. We are the wishful, the wistful, and the willing. The next generation of thinkers, builders, and doers. We are the collective energy of a million students, teachers, and parents who are ready to make a meaningful difference.

We are a new school of thought in an old-school industry.

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Thursday, April 27

What do we believe in?
We believe in the curious. The tinkerers. The DIYers and the fix-it-yourselfers. We believe that the system is brokenit is made for the few, not the many. We believe in challenging norms and rising above expectations. We believe that every student has the right to experience high-tech learning opportunities with the lowest cost of ownership.

We believe in reinventing what it means to make it in America.

Where are we making a difference? Find out tomorrow.
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Friday, April 28

Where are we making a difference?
We’re building the unexpected in an unexpected place. Our heart beats with the city of Buffalo, New York. Owned and operated from the Compass East building on the city’s East Side, we’re setting a new industry standard where socially conscious, culturally inclusive, and locally owned business operations are cornerstones of success.

We’re building a business model that we hope inspires similar strategies for businesses across the country and around the world. We’re preparing to make the most meaningful impact on teaching and learning in any setting. We’re not cramming consumer-grade gadgets into classrooms. We’re introducing purpose-built tools to shared learning communities.

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Monday, May 1

Why are we doing it?
We’re driven by a mission to build computers, empower people, and change lives. Because we believe the system is broken—that it is made for the many and not for the few. Because we believe that classrooms deserve purpose-built tools, not consumer-grade gadgets. And because we think every student has the right to experience high-tech learning opportunities with the lowest cost of ownership.

But how? And when? Those answers and more throughout the week.
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Tuesday, May 2

When are we making it happen?
The magic happens every day from Bak USA headquarters overlooking beautiful downtown Buffalo, New York. It happens during every moment of every conversation between our builders and engineers, designers and writers, sales folks and customer experience team… It happens every time we look at our work and commit ourselves to improving it. It happens every time a student has an “aha!” moment with our computer in her hands. And it’s all coming together in a big way in May.

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Wednesday, May 3

How are we getting it done?
By changing the face (and faces) of American manufacturing.
By partnering with local agencies and industry leaders.
By putting people at the core of every decision we make.
By building one computer for the needs of one user, one by one.

In a sea of sameness, we’re prepared to make our biggest splash yet.
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Thursday, May 4

So, what’s next?
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