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Atlas, Education

May 23, 2018

VIDEO: Using LabCamera software to teach STEM

Atlas, Education

May 9, 2018

VIDEO: Presenting the all-new Atlas lineup

Atlas, Education

Apr 18, 2018

Delivering edtech to kids in our community

Atlas, Education

Apr 4, 2018

VIDEO: The Atlas is reviewed on cable TV

Atlas, Education

Feb 14, 2018

3 learning lessons for educators in 2018 (so far)

Bak USA, Education

Dec 26, 2017

Bak USA Donates 500 Computers to The Teacher’s Desk

Bak USA believes that every student has the right to experience high-tech learning opportunities. That's why we donated 500 laptops and tablets to teachers and students in and around Buffalo through The Teacher's Desk. Teachers who work at schools where 70% or more of the student body receive a free or reduced-cost lunch are eligible to shop at The Teacher's Desk and get books, teacher resources, and school supplies for free.

Bak USA, Education

Dec 26, 2017

BakTalk with James: Live at The Teacher’s Desk

Bak USA donated 500 devices to The Teacher's Desk! Check out my coworker James break it down on this FB live!


Dec 21, 2017

Local social enterprise company donates 500 computers to 32 local teachers