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Did we just become best friends?

At Bak USA, there is plenty of room for opportunities. So if you want to build something great together, let’s do it. But first—by all means—judge us by the company we keep.

We work with Microsoft to build and sell our computers to schools and businesses. Our laptops and tablets are loaded with Windows 10 and available to order at any Microsoft Store in the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Esri’s got the hookup for the world’s best GIS software. Combined with our hardware, Esri helps users collect data, analyze maps, and interpret info from practically anywhere on earth.

When we set out to build computers in urban America, we knew we needed to team up with some heavy hitters in the industry. As an authorized Intel® Technology Provider, we’re bringing state-of-the-art tech to our customers wherever they are.

Purchasing partners.

We’d love to get our computers in as many hands as possible.

To extend our reach, we’re selling our devices through these purchasing partners.

TIPS serves a variety of school districts from coast to coast, offering our Atlas computers through a user-friendly e-bidding system.

Bak USA Contract #161202
3% Discount on Bak USA MSRPs

PEPPM waives the bidding process, so more than 3,900 schools and agencies in the U.S. can buy our Seal and Atlas computers with ease.

Bak USA Contract #528103-004
2% Discount on Bak USA MSRPs

Schools and businesses—including non-profit and non-taxed organizations—can purchase our Atlas and Seal computers in all 50 states.

Bak USA Contract #3-175-17
2% Discount on Bak USA MSRPs

Our Atlas computers are available on the OCM BOCES technology contract, making them accessible to public school districts across New York State.

Other partnerships.

Despite our best efforts, we can’t do it all.

To expand our services, we are proud to partner with these friends in tech.

Bad Elf employs our rugged Seal tablet when testing its external GPS devices in the United States.

Made in America.

Put your hands together for ClapMotion, the software that lets students make stop-motion movies with a clap of their hands.

Included in our STEAM Starter Kit.

With LabCamera, students are just a snap away from becoming young biologists, archaeologists, and photographers.

Included in our STEAM Starter Kit.

Lock in your Seal with RAM Mounts, the world’s leading source for rugged mobile equipment and docking stations.

Made in America.

Fire up your Bak USA computers with charging solutions from our rugged tech teammates at Spectrum Industries.

Made in America.

Looking to finance your computers? Our friends at Vantage Financial can offer you the best payment plan available.

Let's work together.

Honestly, none of us thought we'd have anything to do with a computer company in Buffalo, New York. But here we are, loving every minute of it. It's like my Uncle Jerry always says, "Once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right."

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Now’s the time to take advantage of our availability, flexibility, and profitability. So if you’re ready to partake in a new era in American manufacturing, let’s do it. Together.