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Bak USA introduces mobile reporting solution for commercial fisheries and onshore processors


BUFFALO, N.Y.—February 28, 2018—Commercial fisheries and onshore processors are required by state law to document fishing activity for all catches and purchases, but current reporting methods are often frustrating and inefficient. Bak USA, a social enterprise that builds mobile computers in Buffalo, New York, today announced a new hardware bundle to help save time, expedite reporting and stay in compliance.

“Commercial fishing has long been considered one of the deadliest jobs in the world. It requires long hours in harsh and often hazardous conditions, exposure to extreme weather, and lots of hard physical labor,” said Christian Bak, cofounder and vice president of product at Bak USA. “Our rugged Seal tablet is built to withstand the harshest work environments and when paired with the provided accessories, will help fisheries and processors get the job done in any environment.”

Change happens slowly in the world of commercial fishing. Although many states have implemented new software to make electronic reporting easier and more effective, the data is often captured on paper, 400 miles or more at sea and later transcribed into a computer – making it susceptible to rips, tears, water damage, and inaccuracies.


Commercial fishing is tough, but reporting doesn’t have to be.

The Seaside Seal Pack bundle comes with Bak USA’s rugged Seal tablet and gives commercial fishermen and onshore processors new capabilities such as the ability to process orders, transfer data and print receipts – in the office, at sea, or on the go. Here’s what it includes:

  • A rugged, user-friendly tablet from Bak USA: The Seal tablet is drop-resistant, weatherproof, and fully-operational in temperatures between 14˚ F and 122˚ F. In addition to a built-in flashlight, it includes one USB-A 3.0 port and one USB-C 3.0 port. Moreover, the tablet is equipped with a Quad-Core Intel® processor, and the business-friendly Windows 10 operating software, making it compatible with most state reporting software.
  • Wireless printing: A wireless mobile printer with rechargeable batteries prints fish tickets and receipts on-demand. It also comes with backup ink cartridges for added convenience.
  • Mobile reporting: A magnetic card reader equipped with a 6-inch USB-C cable and a 6-foot USB-A cable allows users to capture fishery permit information electronically in real time.
  • Store and save data offline: Flash drive accessories help store, save, and report data and information offline for those days (or weeks) out at sea when internet isn’t available.

The Seaside Seal Pack starts at $1169 and is available for sale throughout the United States and Canada. Additional configurations are available upon request. For more details, contact a Bak USA sales representative at 716.343.7330.

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