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You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. So if you’re trying to fix a problem, find a user guide, or just learn more about the Seal—this is the place for you.

General questions apply to both the Seal and the Seal 8. Other questions are product-specific.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
  • How do I power on my Seal?

    To power on your Seal, press and hold the power button for four seconds. As you’re pressing the button, you’ll see the LED indicator flash red.

    It may take 2-5 seconds for the tablet to boot up. When the Seal logo appears on the screen, you’re powered on.

    *Do not press or hold the power button for longer than five seconds.*

  • Where is the SD card slot? How do I install my SD card?

    We put the SD card slot under the battery on the back of your Seal. Why? For maximum protection. If you want to insert an SD card, unscrew the battery from the back of the Seal. Read the SD card label and push the card into the slot. Once the card is in there, screw the battery back onto the Seal.

  • My GPS isn’t working. What’s the problem?

    Your GPS lives for the outdoors. If you’re having trouble using it indoors, head outside and give it a try.

    If that doesn’t work, try updating Windows and reconnecting to the GPS.

    If that doesn’t work, test the GPS using the GPS Satellite app from the Windows Store. Download the app and see if any GPS info is displayed.

    And if that doesn’t work, call us at 716.970.4110 or drop us a line. Here’s what we can do:

    • We’ll email you a prepaid shipping label
    • Stick your Seal in a box, tape it up, and use the label to send it our way
    • When we receive your Seal, we’ll send it to our team of engineers who will diagnose it
    • If the engineers say we can repair your Seal, we’ll fix it and send it back to you
    • If you’ve got an active warranty, repair or replacement will be free
  • Are there any accessories for the Seal tablets?

    Darn right there are. Click here for Seal accessories, charging solutions, mounts, and more.

  • I purchased a RAM Mount for my Seal. How do I assemble it?

    Our video tutorial ought to help. Watch it here.

  • How can I improve the screen’s readability in daylight?

    Windows makes it pretty easy to adjust screen brightness. Just use Windows to search for brightness and it’ll show you exactly how to adjust.

  • The touchscreen does not respond well when my tablet is charging. What can I do?

    The Seal does not support user navigation while it is being charged. Also, if you’re using a charger other than the one your Seal was shipped with, things could go wrong. Other chargers aren’t calibrated properly for the Seal.

  • What do I need to know about the Seal Stylus?

    Your Seal Stylus has a few buttons. Here’s what they do:

    • The tip itself works like a left click.
    • The button closest to the tip works like a right click.
    • And when you’re using certain programs with drawing functionality, like Paint and OneNote, it’ll act like an eraser.
    • The button farthest away from the tip works like a double click.

    If your Seal Stylus is not working, grab a fresh AAAA battery and pop it in. Yes, that’s one quadruple-A battery. That should fix the problem.

    Unlike the Seal itself, the Seal Stylus is not waterproof. So you’re going to want to keep it dry.

    As for using a different stylus, we wouldn’t recommend it. Our Seal tablets use a specific kind of electromagnetic stylus. Other brands and models might not be compatible.

    To purchase an additional Seal Stylus, click here.

  • What does the Seal's LED color indicate?

    The Seal’s LED will be one of three colors:

    Solid red: The Seal is charging

    Blinking red: The Seal is plugged in and requires more time before being powered on

    Black (absence of light): The Seal is either fully charged or completely drained

  • Will the speakers work when wet? How will this affect the sound?

    Yes, the speakers will work if they get wet, but sound quality may vary depending on exactly how wet they get. While getting the speakers wet will not damage the device, submerged and excessive wetness may compromise sound quality.

  • How can I purchase an additional charger from Bak USA?

    Looking for an extra charger? Click here.

    And for big-time charging solutions, click here.

  • Where can I download drivers for my device?

    Scroll down and find the Seal drivers at the bottom of this screen. If you’re not sure what to download or what to do with the file you’ve downloaded, call us at 716.970.4110 or drop us a line and we’ll help you out.

  • How can I best manage my Seal's battery life?

    Here’s how to make the most of your Seal’s short-term battery:

    • Close apps and programs you aren’t actively using
    • Reduce your screen’s brightness
    • Uninstall any unnecessary apps and programs.
    • Turn the volume down
    • If you’re not using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, switch ‘em off or turn on Airplane Mode
    • Unplug external devices (cell phone, external hard drive, flash drive, etc.)
    • Clear the files from your Seal’s desktop

    Here’s how to make the most of your Seal’s long-term battery:

    • Use it down to between 5-10% battery life
    • Plug it into a charger or put it in a charging cart until it’s fully recharged to 100%
    • Repeat

    You can use your Seal until the very last drop of juice is gone. When the device shuts down from low battery, don’t try to power it back on until it’s connected to a charger or it’s fully recharged.

  • What is the proper procedure for cleaning my device?

    Your Seal is waterproof. Just dunk it in some water and wipe it off with your sleeve, a towel, or microfiber cloth. You can use one of those cleaning wipes made for cleaning electronics, too. Just don’t use bleach wipes.

Seal Questions
Seal 8 Questions
  • What do I need to know about the Seal 8 Stylus?

    If your Seal 8 runs Android software, the buttons are a non-factor.

    If your Seal 8 runs Windows, the buttons have a few different functions. Here’s the breakdown:

    • The tip works like a left click
    • The button closest to the tip–the button with the open circle icon–functions as the right click
    • The other button–the button with the closed circle icon–functions as a double click

    If your Seal 8 Stylus isn’t working, grab a fresh AAA battery and pop it in. If that doesn’t help, your stylus might need to be recalibrated. Here’s how to do it:

    • Locate the small hole closest to the tip of the stylus
    • Inside that hole is a super small button
    • Grab a small paper clip, stick the end into the hole, and press that little button four times in a row

    If it doesn’t work, try the paper clip trick again.

    If you still can’t get it to work, call us at 716.970.4110 or drop us a line and we’ll help you out.

  • Does the Seal 8 include any nautical software?

    Charting unknown waters with your Seal 8? Perfect. While the Seal 8 doesn’t come standard with any nautical navigation or charting software, you can download what you need from the Google Play Store or the Windows Store. Look for Navionics on Google Play and Expedition on the Windows Store.

  • Which SIM cards are compatible with the Seal 8?

    The Seal 8 is compatible with SIM cards provided by T-Mobile.

  • How many nits does the Seal 8 have?

    A nit is the unit used to describe luminance. The more nits a device has, the brighter its display. The Seal 8 clocks in at 300 nits.

  • Can I unlock my Seal 8 to use it with another network?

    No. The Seal 8 is only certified for compatibility with the T-Mobile network.

  • Where can I find the IMEI code?

    If you’re running Windows on your Seal 8, we wrote a little program that’ll help you out. Download it here. Once you’ve got it, double-click it and it’ll display IMEI info if you’ve got an LTE module.

    If you’re running Android on your Seal 8:

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Click About Tablet
    3. Click Status
    4. Click IMEI information

Seal Drivers

Stay up to date with the latest drivers, but make sure you’re downloading it for the right device.

  1. Select the drivers for the device you own
  2. Download and extract the drivers
  3. In the extracted folder, right click the Install-Drivers file
  4. Select Run as administrator
  5. A window will open with some text as the drivers install
  6. Wait for this process to complete
  7. A message will appear in the window when the process has finished
  8. Reboot your device
Seal 8

Seal 8 inf (v1.0.4)

Touch Settings


Seal Drivers (v1.0.4)

Touch Settings

Warranty & Repairs

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