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425 Michigan Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14203

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One team. All walks of life.

We believe in breaking down barriers to entry. We believe in creating new opportunities in overlooked communities. We believe in the benefit of having as many voices, values, and viewpoints as possible—all under one roof.

That’s us. That’s who we are. And this is our team.

  • Yasir Al Gburi, Quality Technician

    Yasir Al Gburi

    Quality Technician

    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Meaghan Zimmer, Sales Specialist

    Meaghan Zimmer

    Sales Specialist

    Fort Collins, Colorado

  • Mussawir Sadiqi, Production Technician

    Mussawir Sadiqi

    Production Technician

    Kabul, Afghanistan

  • Lawrence Smith, Warehouse Specialist

    Lawrence Smith

    Warehouse Specialist

    Buffalo, New York

  • Sue Engasser, Customer Experience Manager

    Sue Engasser

    Customer Experience Manager

    Vasteras, Sweden

  • Kimberly Hackborn, Sales Support Specialist

    Kimberly Hackborn

    Sales Support Specialist

    Buffalo, New York

  • Khaled Fathallah, Senior Manager, Quality Systems

    Khaled Fathallah

    Senior Manager, Quality Systems

    Cairo, Egypt

  • Ikey Ajavon, Marketing Strategy Specialist

    Ikey Ajavon

    Marketing Strategy Specialist

    Canandaigua, New York

  • Kelsey Walbesser, Customer Experience Specialist

    Kelsey Walbesser

    Customer Experience Specialist

    Jamestown, New York

  • Asif Nayel, Quality Technician

    Asif Nayel

    Quality Technician

    Jalalabad, Afghanistan

  • James A. Colombo lll, Lead Content Creator & Grant Developer

    James A. Colombo lll

    Lead Content Creator & Grant Developer

    Buffalo, New York

  • Ali Alshemmary, Electronics Technician

    Ali Alshemmary

    Electronics Technician

    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Kristen Johnson, Content Marketing & SEO Strategist

    Kristen Johnson

    Content Marketing & SEO Strategist

    Frewsburg, New York

  • Koushikee Chattergee, Order Fulfillment Supervisor

    Koushikee Chattergee

    Order Fulfillment Supervisor

    Mumbai, India

  • Andrew Murphy, Vice President, Product Marketing

    Andrew Murphy

    Vice President, Product Marketing

    Aurora, Canada

  • Chris Lin, Technical Product Manager

    Chris Lin

    Technical Product Manager

    Taichung, Taiwan

  • Jen Delair, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition

    Jen Delair

    Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition

    Buffalo, New York

  • Katherine Fierle, Human Resources Generalist

    Katherine Fierle

    Human Resources Generalist

    Buffalo, New York

  • Niyonzima Focus, Production Technician

    Niyonzima Focus

    Production Technician

    Bunagana, D.R. of the Congo

  • Carly Battin, Director, Communications

    Carly Battin

    Director, Communications

    Buffalo, New York

  • Madelyn Montes, Production Technician

    Madelyn Montes

    Production Technician

    Puerto Rico

  • Estella Slaughter, Administrative Assistant

    Estella Slaughter

    Administrative Assistant

    San Antonio, Texas

  • Lindsay Riggs, Field Sales Manager

    Lindsay Riggs

    Field Sales Manager

    Orchard Park, NY

  • Behrooz Go Hazrat, Production Technician

    Behrooz Go Hazrat

    Production Technician

    Herat, Afghanistan

  • Marlena Hunter, Order Fulfillment Technician

    Marlena Hunter

    Order Fulfillment Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Ulla Bak, President

    Ulla Bak


    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Istiaque Ahmed, Quality Technician

    Istiaque Ahmed

    Quality Technician

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Damaris Mercado, Production Technician

    Damaris Mercado

    Production Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Marcus Austin, Sales Operations Manager

    Marcus Austin

    Sales Operations Manager

    Bronx, New York

  • Robert Mages, Sales Specialist

    Robert Mages

    Sales Specialist

    Derby, NY

  • Michael Seamans, Account Executive

    Michael Seamans

    Account Executive

    Buffalo, New York

  • Jason Drewniak, Vice President, Operations

    Jason Drewniak

    Vice President, Operations

    East Aurora, New York

  • Rachel Ernisse, Graphic Designer

    Rachel Ernisse

    Graphic Designer

    Wilson, New York

  • Michael Smeal, Web Developer

    Michael Smeal

    Web Developer

    Niagara Falls, New York

  • Bertholt Schroeder, Industrial Designer

    Bertholt Schroeder

    Industrial Designer

    Franklin, Massachusetts

  • Amani Raboudi, Business Process Analyst

    Amani Raboudi

    Business Process Analyst

    Nabeul, Tunisia

  • Ray Pierce, Lounge Attendant

    Ray Pierce

    Lounge Attendant

    Buffalo, New York

  • Fadhil Albannah, Production Technician

    Fadhil Albannah

    Production Technician

    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Aaron Bishop, Associate Software Engineer

    Aaron Bishop

    Associate Software Engineer

    Depew, New York

  • Sangyul Lee, Associate Product Engineer

    Sangyul Lee

    Associate Product Engineer

    Seoul, South Korea

  • Fadi Abdulwahid, Associate Engineering Specialist

    Fadi Abdulwahid

    Associate Engineering Specialist

    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Eva Bak, Vice President, People Team

    Eva Bak

    Vice President, People Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Christian Huels, Order Fulfillment Technician

    Christian Huels

    Order Fulfillment Technician

    Elma, New York

  • Nathan Warner, Seal Product Manager

    Nathan Warner

    Seal Product Manager

    Hong Kong, China

  • Salah Macheremo, Electronics Technician

    Salah Macheremo

    Electronics Technician

    Jamame, Somalia

  • Zach Swan, Customer Experience Specialist

    Zach Swan

    Customer Experience Specialist

    Jamestown, New York

  • Michael Torres, Order Fulfillment Technician

    Michael Torres

    Order Fulfillment Technician

    Puerto Rico

  • Younis Ali, Production Technician

    Younis Ali

    Production Technician

    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Christian Bak, Vice President, Product Team

    Christian Bak

    Vice President, Product Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Lysmary Santiago, Administration Assistant

    Lysmary Santiago

    Administration Assistant

    Ponce, Puerto Rico

  • Oscar Medina, Quality Technician

    Oscar Medina

    Quality Technician

    Medellin, Colombia

  • Abdul Maingwa, Production Technician

    Abdul Maingwa

    Production Technician

    Lodwar, Kenya

  • Amanda Schiferle, Accounting Clerk

    Amanda Schiferle

    Accounting Clerk

    Basking Ridge, New Jersey

  • Miladys Abreu, Quality Technician

    Miladys Abreu

    Quality Technician

    Aibonito, Puerto Rico

  • Hassan Mwina, Production Technician

    Hassan Mwina

    Production Technician

    Lodwar, Kenya

  • Samantha Pierce, PR Specialist

    Samantha Pierce

    PR Specialist

    Buffalo, New York

  • Heather Henderson, Order Fulfillment Manager

    Heather Henderson

    Order Fulfillment Manager

    Attica, New York

  • Ian Donnelly, Senior Account Executive

    Ian Donnelly

    Senior Account Executive

    Jamestown, New York

  • Luis Fernandez, Director, Creative

    Luis Fernandez

    Director, Creative

    Fort Collins, Colorado

  • Edel Almargo, Warehouse Specialist

    Edel Almargo

    Warehouse Specialist

    Havana City, Cuba

  • Binti Nondo, Order Fulfillment Technician

    Binti Nondo

    Order Fulfillment Technician


  • Bo Zhang, Seal Technical Product Manager

    Bo Zhang

    Seal Technical Product Manager

    Buffalo, New York

  • Aaron Hord, Sales Manager

    Aaron Hord

    Sales Manager

    Amherst, New York

  • Alissa Roy, Project Manager

    Alissa Roy

    Project Manager

    Glenwood, New York

  • Dayana Torres, Production Technician

    Dayana Torres

    Production Technician

    Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

  • Brian Sas, Corporate Growth Strategist

    Brian Sas

    Corporate Growth Strategist

    Buffalo, New York

  • Brian Jones, Account Executive

    Brian Jones

    Account Executive

    Pavilion, New York

  • James Stoyle, Senior Product Engineer

    James Stoyle

    Senior Product Engineer

    Clarence, New York

  • Byaombe Swedy, Order Fulfillment Technician

    Byaombe Swedy

    Order Fulfillment Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Adrian Rodriguez, Production Technician

    Adrian Rodriguez

    Production Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Jordan Wright, Videographer/Editor

    Jordan Wright


    Addison, New York

  • Sara Vanhoose, Sales Specialist

    Sara Vanhoose

    Sales Specialist

    Niagara Falls, New York

  • Karthik Thangavel, Quality Manager

    Karthik Thangavel

    Quality Manager

    Buffalo, New York

  • Abdi Yussuf, Quality Technician

    Abdi Yussuf

    Quality Technician

    Mogadishu, Somalia

  • Hevorh Dishunts, IT Application & Support Specialist

    Hevorh Dishunts

    IT Application & Support Specialist

    Echmiadzin, Armenia

  • Shawn Saffer, Deployment Architect

    Shawn Saffer

    Deployment Architect

    Sammamish, Washington

  • Bilel Neji, Director of Engineering

    Bilel Neji

    Director of Engineering

    Sfax, Tunisia

  • David Dowins, Production Technician

    David Dowins

    Production Technician

    Santiago de Cuba

  • Ali Mussa, Production Technician

    Ali Mussa

    Production Technician

    Lodwar, Kenya

  • Matt Malloy, Director of Advanced Manufacturing

    Matt Malloy

    Director of Advanced Manufacturing

    Hamburg, New York

  • Amanda Buonopane, Senior Qualitative Researcher

    Amanda Buonopane

    Senior Qualitative Researcher

    Niagara Falls, NY

  • Prince Pochele, Production Technician

    Prince Pochele

    Production Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Velmaris Cabrera, Production Technician

    Velmaris Cabrera

    Production Technician

    Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

  • Gideon Paul Arugollu, Junior Android Engineer

    Gideon Paul Arugollu

    Junior Android Engineer

    Buffalo, New York

  • Alex Fernandez, Atlas Product Manager

    Alex Fernandez

    Atlas Product Manager

    Buffalo, New York

  • Leon Sawh, Order Fulfillment Technician

    Leon Sawh

    Order Fulfillment Technician

    Queens, New York

  • Cheryl Green, In-house Counsel

    Cheryl Green

    In-house Counsel

    East Amherst, New York

  • Sarah Garis, Director of Administration

    Sarah Garis

    Director of Administration

    Buffalo, New York

  • Eric Robinson, Lead Graphic Designer

    Eric Robinson

    Lead Graphic Designer

    Buffalo, New York

  • Vahed Ghanbarzadeh, Quality Technician

    Vahed Ghanbarzadeh

    Quality Technician

    Behsud, Afghanistan

  • Doris Henderson, Production Technician

    Doris Henderson

    Production Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Nicolas Diaz, Production Technician

    Nicolas Diaz

    Production Technician

    Ibague, Colombia

  • Mike Dutka, Senior IT Manager

    Mike Dutka

    Senior IT Manager

    Buffalo, New York

  • Genesis Rodriguez Caceres, Production Technician

    Genesis Rodriguez Caceres

    Production Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Asmaa Almajidi, Production Technician

    Asmaa Almajidi

    Production Technician

    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Leonardo Rodriguez, Sustaining Product Engineer

    Leonardo Rodriguez

    Sustaining Product Engineer

    Barinas, Venezuela

  • Don Eaves, Implementation Specialist

    Don Eaves

    Implementation Specialist

    Buffalo, New York

  • Christopher Jankowski, Order Fulfillment Technician

    Christopher Jankowski

    Order Fulfillment Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • J.P. Bak, Chief Executive Officer

    J.P. Bak

    Chief Executive Officer

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Andy Smith, Sales Specialist

    Andy Smith

    Sales Specialist

    Alden, New York

  • Michael Carbone, VP, Business Development

    Michael Carbone

    VP, Business Development

    Utica, New York

  • Srinath Natarajan, Atlas Technical Product Manager

    Srinath Natarajan

    Atlas Technical Product Manager

    Chennai, India

  • Christina Collins, Executive Assistant

    Christina Collins

    Executive Assistant

    Tonawanda, New York

  • Ashley Bankston, Production Technician

    Ashley Bankston

    Production Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Mohammed Mashaykhi, Production Technician

    Mohammed Mashaykhi

    Production Technician

    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Oscar Gonzalez, Production Technician

    Oscar Gonzalez

    Production Technician

    Santiago de Cuba

  • Jon Podeszek, Production Engineer

    Jon Podeszek

    Production Engineer

    Hamburg, New York