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Buffalo, NY 14203

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Meet the Bak USA family.

  • Bo Zhang, Seal Technical Product Manager

    Bo Zhang

    Seal Technical Product Manager

    Buffalo, New York

  • Oscar Gonzalez, Production Technician

    Oscar Gonzalez

    Production Technician

    Santiago de Cuba

  • Christina Collins, Executive Assistant

    Christina Collins

    Executive Assistant

    Tonawanda, New York

  • Leonardo Rodriguez, Sustaining Product Engineer

    Leonardo Rodriguez

    Sustaining Product Engineer

    Barinas, Venezuela

  • Sue Engasser, Customer Experience Manager

    Sue Engasser

    Customer Experience Manager

    Vasteras, Sweden

  • Zach Swan, Customer Experience Specialist

    Zach Swan

    Customer Experience Specialist

    Jamestown, New York

  • Marlena Hunter, Order Fulfillment Technician

    Marlena Hunter

    Order Fulfillment Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Damaris Mercado, Production Technician

    Damaris Mercado

    Production Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Behrooz Go Hazrat, Production Technician

    Behrooz Go Hazrat

    Production Technician

    Herat, Afghanistan

  • Mike Dutka, Senior IT Manager

    Mike Dutka

    Senior IT Manager

    Buffalo, New York

  • Alex Fernandez, Atlas Product Manager

    Alex Fernandez

    Atlas Product Manager

    Buffalo, New York

  • Vahed Ghanbarzadeh, Quality Technician

    Vahed Ghanbarzadeh

    Quality Technician

    Behsud, Afghanistan

  • Amani Raboudi, Business Process Analyst

    Amani Raboudi

    Business Process Analyst

    Nabeul, Tunisia

  • Rachel Ernisse, Graphic Designer

    Rachel Ernisse

    Graphic Designer

    Wilson, New York

  • Younis Ali, Production Technician

    Younis Ali

    Production Technician

    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Shawn Saffer, Deployment Architect

    Shawn Saffer

    Deployment Architect

    Sammamish, Washington

  • Abdi Yussuf, Quality Technician

    Abdi Yussuf

    Quality Technician

    Mogadishu, Somalia

  • Christian Bak, Vice President, Product Team

    Christian Bak

    Vice President, Product Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Andrew Murphy, Vice President, Product Marketing

    Andrew Murphy

    Vice President, Product Marketing

    Aurora, Canada

  • James Stoyle, Senior Product Engineer

    James Stoyle

    Senior Product Engineer

    Clarence, New York

  • Andy Smith, Sales Specialist

    Andy Smith

    Sales Specialist

    Alden, New York

  • Don Eaves, Implementation Specialist

    Don Eaves

    Implementation Specialist

    Buffalo, New York

  • Brian Sas, Corporate Growth Strategist

    Brian Sas

    Corporate Growth Strategist

    Buffalo, New York

  • Nathan Warner, Seal Product Manager

    Nathan Warner

    Seal Product Manager

    Hong Kong, China

  • Mussawir Sadiqi, Production Technician

    Mussawir Sadiqi

    Production Technician

    Kabul, Afghanistan

  • Asmaa Almajidi, Production Technician

    Asmaa Almajidi

    Production Technician

    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Amanda Buonopane, Senior Qualitative Researcher

    Amanda Buonopane

    Senior Qualitative Researcher

    Niagara Falls, NY

  • Aaron Bishop, Associate Software Engineer

    Aaron Bishop

    Associate Software Engineer

    Depew, New York

  • Abdul Maingwa, Production Technician

    Abdul Maingwa

    Production Technician

    Lodwar, Kenya

  • Bilel Neji, Director of Engineering

    Bilel Neji

    Director of Engineering

    Sfax, Tunisia

  • Eva Bak, Vice President, People Team

    Eva Bak

    Vice President, People Team

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Miladys Abreu, Quality Technician

    Miladys Abreu

    Quality Technician

    Aibonito, Puerto Rico

  • Leon Sawh, Order Fulfillment Technician

    Leon Sawh

    Order Fulfillment Technician

    Queens, New York

  • Juan Raul Gonzalez, Order Fulfillment Technician

    Juan Raul Gonzalez

    Order Fulfillment Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Peter Reganti, IT Director

    Peter Reganti

    IT Director

    Niagara Falls, Canada

  • Ray Pierce, Lounge Attendant

    Ray Pierce

    Lounge Attendant

    Buffalo, New York

  • Kelsey Walbesser, Customer Experience Specialist

    Kelsey Walbesser

    Customer Experience Specialist

    Jamestown, New York

  • Khaled Fathallah, Senior Manager, Quality Systems

    Khaled Fathallah

    Senior Manager, Quality Systems

    Cairo, Egypt

  • Christopher Jankowski, Order Fulfillment Technician

    Christopher Jankowski

    Order Fulfillment Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Lysmary Santiago, Administration Assistant

    Lysmary Santiago

    Administration Assistant

    Ponce, Puerto Rico

  • Sarah Garis, Director of Administration

    Sarah Garis

    Director of Administration

    Buffalo, New York

  • Kimberly Hackborn, Sales Support Specialist

    Kimberly Hackborn

    Sales Support Specialist

    Buffalo, New York

  • Michael Smeal, Web Developer

    Michael Smeal

    Web Developer

    Niagara Falls, New York

  • Ali Alshemmary, Electronics Technician

    Ali Alshemmary

    Electronics Technician

    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Jon Podeszek, Production Engineer

    Jon Podeszek

    Production Engineer

    Hamburg, New York

  • Binti Nondo, Order Fulfillment Technician

    Binti Nondo

    Order Fulfillment Technician


  • Chris Lin, Technical Product Manager

    Chris Lin

    Technical Product Manager

    Taichung, Taiwan

  • Istiaque Ahmed, Quality Technician

    Istiaque Ahmed

    Quality Technician

    Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Edel Almargo, Warehouse Specialist

    Edel Almargo

    Warehouse Specialist

    Havana City, Cuba

  • Velmaris Cabrera, Production Technician

    Velmaris Cabrera

    Production Technician

    Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

  • Meaghan Zimmer, Sales Specialist

    Meaghan Zimmer

    Sales Specialist

    Fort Collins, Colorado

  • Sangyul Lee, Associate Product Engineer

    Sangyul Lee

    Associate Product Engineer

    Seoul, South Korea

  • Robert Mages, Sales Specialist

    Robert Mages

    Sales Specialist

    Derby, NY

  • Mohammed Mashaykhi, Production Technician

    Mohammed Mashaykhi

    Production Technician

    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Carly Battin, Communications Manager

    Carly Battin

    Communications Manager

    Buffalo, New York

  • Eric Robinson, Lead Graphic Designer

    Eric Robinson

    Lead Graphic Designer

    Buffalo, New York

  • Doris Henderson, Production Technician

    Doris Henderson

    Production Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Prince Pochele, Production Technician

    Prince Pochele

    Production Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Oscar Medina, Quality Technician

    Oscar Medina

    Quality Technician

    Medellin, Colombia

  • Marcus Austin, Sales Operations Manager

    Marcus Austin

    Sales Operations Manager

    Bronx, New York

  • Bertholt Schroeder, Industrial Designer

    Bertholt Schroeder

    Industrial Designer

    Franklin, Massachusetts

  • Gideon Paul Arugollu, Junior Android Engineer

    Gideon Paul Arugollu

    Junior Android Engineer

    Buffalo, New York

  • Ali Mussa, Production Technician

    Ali Mussa

    Production Technician

    Lodwar, Kenya

  • Ashley Bankston, Production Technician

    Ashley Bankston

    Production Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Koushikee Chattergee, Order Fulfillment Supervisor

    Koushikee Chattergee

    Order Fulfillment Supervisor

    Mumbai, India

  • Matt Malloy, Director of Advanced Manufacturing

    Matt Malloy

    Director of Advanced Manufacturing

    Hamburg, New York

  • Hevorh Dishunts, IT Application & Support Specialist

    Hevorh Dishunts

    IT Application & Support Specialist

    Echmiadzin, Armenia

  • Cheryl Green, In-house Counsel

    Cheryl Green

    In-house Counsel

    East Amherst, New York

  • Byaombe Swedy, Order Fulfillment Technician

    Byaombe Swedy

    Order Fulfillment Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Kristen Johnson, Content Creator

    Kristen Johnson

    Content Creator

    Frewsburg, New York

  • Ikey Ajavon, Marketing Strategy Specialist

    Ikey Ajavon

    Marketing Strategy Specialist

    Canandaigua, New York

  • Lawrence Smith, Warehouse Specialist

    Lawrence Smith

    Warehouse Specialist

    Buffalo, New York

  • Niyonzima Focus, Production Technician

    Niyonzima Focus

    Production Technician

    Bunagana, D.R. of the Congo

  • Luis Fernandez, Creative Director

    Luis Fernandez

    Creative Director

    Fort Collins, Colorado

  • Christian Huels, Order Fulfillment Technician

    Christian Huels

    Order Fulfillment Technician

    Elma, New York

  • Desiree Loh, Customer Experience Specialist

    Desiree Loh

    Customer Experience Specialist

    Singapore, Singapore

  • Aaron Hord, Sales Manager

    Aaron Hord

    Sales Manager

    Amherst, New York

  • J.P. Bak, Chief Executive Officer

    J.P. Bak

    Chief Executive Officer

    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Heather Henderson, Order Fulfillment Manager

    Heather Henderson

    Order Fulfillment Manager

    Attica, New York

  • Srinath Natarajan, Atlas Technical Product Manager

    Srinath Natarajan

    Atlas Technical Product Manager

    Chennai, India

  • Dayana Torres, Production Technician

    Dayana Torres

    Production Technician

    Sancti Spiritus, Cuba

  • Genesis Rodriguez Caceres, Production Technician

    Genesis Rodriguez Caceres

    Production Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Jason Drewniak, Vice President, Marketing

    Jason Drewniak

    Vice President, Marketing

    East Aurora, New York

  • Estella Slaughter, Administrative Assistant

    Estella Slaughter

    Administrative Assistant

    San Antonio, Texas

  • Amanda Schiferle, Accounting Clerk

    Amanda Schiferle

    Accounting Clerk

    Basking Ridge, New Jersey

  • Brian Jones, Account Executive

    Brian Jones

    Account Executive

    Pavilion, New York

  • Michael Fox, Logistics Manager

    Michael Fox

    Logistics Manager

    Akron, Ohio

  • Lindsay Riggs, Field Sales Manager

    Lindsay Riggs

    Field Sales Manager

    Orchard Park, NY

  • Fadi Abdulwahid, Associate Engineering Specialist

    Fadi Abdulwahid

    Associate Engineering Specialist

    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Nicolas Diaz, Production Technician

    Nicolas Diaz

    Production Technician

    Ibague, Colombia

  • James A. Colombo lll, Lead Content Creator & Grant Developer

    James A. Colombo lll

    Lead Content Creator & Grant Developer

    Buffalo, New York

  • Samantha Pierce, PR Specialist

    Samantha Pierce

    PR Specialist

    Buffalo, New York

  • Michael Seamans, Account Executive

    Michael Seamans

    Account Executive

    Buffalo, New York

  • Yasir Al Gburi, Quality Technician

    Yasir Al Gburi

    Quality Technician

    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Salah Macheremo, Electronics Technician

    Salah Macheremo

    Electronics Technician

    Jamame, Somalia

  • Jordan Wright, Videographer/Editor

    Jordan Wright


    Addison, New York

  • Ulla Bak, President

    Ulla Bak


    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Hassan Mwina, Production Technician

    Hassan Mwina

    Production Technician

    Lodwar, Kenya

  • Jon Grimes, Industrial Design

    Jon Grimes

    Industrial Design

    Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

  • Adrian Rodriguez, Production Technician

    Adrian Rodriguez

    Production Technician

    Buffalo, New York

  • Asif Nayel, Quality Technician

    Asif Nayel

    Quality Technician

    Jalalabad, Afghanistan

  • Ian Donnelly, Senior Account Executive

    Ian Donnelly

    Senior Account Executive

    Jamestown, New York

  • Jen Delair, Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition

    Jen Delair

    Senior Manager, Talent Acquisition

    Buffalo, New York

  • David Dowins, Production Technician

    David Dowins

    Production Technician

    Santiago de Cuba

  • Alissa Roy, Project Manager

    Alissa Roy

    Project Manager

    Glenwood, New York

  • Fadhil Albannah, Production Technician

    Fadhil Albannah

    Production Technician

    Baghdad, Iraq

  • Michael Torres, Order Fulfillment Technician

    Michael Torres

    Order Fulfillment Technician

    Puerto Rico

  • Madelyn Montes, Production Technician

    Madelyn Montes

    Production Technician

    Puerto Rico

  • Michael Carbone, VP, Business Development

    Michael Carbone

    VP, Business Development

    Utica, New York

  • Sara Vanhoose, Sales Specialist

    Sara Vanhoose

    Sales Specialist

    Niagara Falls, New York

  • Katherine Fierle, Human Resources Generalist

    Katherine Fierle

    Human Resources Generalist

    Buffalo, New York

  • Karthik Thangavel, Quality Manager

    Karthik Thangavel

    Quality Manager

    Buffalo, New York