So, you come here often?

Who knows? Maybe we were made for each other.

Do you want to build computers, empower people, and change the world? Let’s talk.

Welcome to the renaissance.

Do you like to build things? Are you enthusiastic about technology? Can you see yourself making a meaningful impact on others? You could join the tech revolution taking place right here in Buffalo, New York. Enjoy the freedom of autonomy in an open community of shared adventures. Exchange ideas, grow with the company, and embrace the downtown Buffalo vibe taking place all around you.

Let’s talk dollars and sense.

Take advantage of competitive wages, holiday pay, and optional New York State tax exemption from every paycheck. Choose the healthcare package that is best for you, courtesy of our friends at Blue Cross Blue Shield. We’ll even contribute $300 to your plan every month. What’s that? Free parking, too? Yep, it’s all yours at Bak USA.