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We make rugged tablets for American workers.

Welcome to a new era of
American manufacturing.

You’re about getting things done, am I right? Good. Because when it comes to getting from Point A to Point B, going from zero to 60, and racing against time—we’re right there with you. We may not be the biggest computer company on the planet, but we are the hardest working. We’re getting the job done, and we’re doing it on our own terms. And in our own backyard.

We build rugged tablets for the American working class.

Because that’s what we are.

And that’s who we care about.

Field Services

Whether you’re getting down and dirty, trekking the terrain of a blazing afternoon, or braving the cold and wet weather of winter—you need to call on the toughest mobile technology.

Fortified by fully ruggedized features, two cameras, and smart technologies, the Seal is built to perform inside and out. Stay on schedule, collect critical data, and communicate with HQ at the touch of a button. Anywhere. Anytime.

Now compatible with ArcGIS from Esri.

Data Collection – Utilities – Construction – Waste Management


In your hands, anything is possible. And on the job, you need to be smart and stay safe. That’s why the Seal is manufactured to resist drops, shocks, spills, and more. Simplify the assembly process, manage workflows, and exchange information in the most extreme environments.

Tested for resilience, intelligence, and endurance, the Seal is built perform all day long—just like you.

Technology – Textiles – Consumer Goods


The Seal boasts power, versatility, and mobility. A hand strap and an active stylus. Speakers. Sensors. Built-in GPS. Security lock and barcode scanner. Why?

Because in your business, you can’t afford to make mistakes. And guess what? Neither can we. Enter info on the fly, map routes, and organize inventory from the palm of your hand with the Seal.

Food & Beverage – Transportation – Warehouse

Emergency Services

Gear up for another day in the field, on the road, and back at the station with the Seal, your right-hand man—or woman—from sunup to sundown. Identify emergencies, maintain records, and stay connected in real time.

Breathe easier with the rugged tech you need to stay in sync when you’re busy saving the world. For unrivaled reliability when it’s needed most, the Seal is your co-pilot for life.

Fire – Police – EMS

We make rugged tablets for American workers.

Introducing the all-new Seal from Bak USA.

Let’s be clear. We’re in the computer business to make a meaningful impact on as many lives as possible. But hey. We’re still trying to make a buck, you know?

So I’ll spare you the spiel and say this: the Seal is the best damn rugged tablet out there. You’d be smart to scope it out. Then you can buy a truckload. Or not. It’s your call.

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We make rugged tablets for American workers.

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